HIGHLIGHTS (School Year 2012-2013)

I just realized that there are only five days left before the graduation. I want to do this like last year because I won’t feel good if I wouldn’t. OCD. After a really fruitful year, these are the highlights of my last year in high school. SENIOR YEAR.

1. New school year. There were a lot of first time classmates this year.

2. Teachers. We had teachers we’ve never been. Some are awesome, some. . . .  nah.

3. Teachers. There were lots of changes in who were going to be our subject teachers. Once for Computer Science, Chemistry, and Physics. Twice for English.

4. Teachers. The CISD Chief stepped down from her position for who knows what reason. Then, came the search for the new campus director. The possibly most awesome Discipline Officer resigned from the school.

5. Schedule. There were a lot of changes in class schedule. Nine times this school year?

6. Friends. Developed new friendships. Mental patients of Ma’am Nurse! 🙂

7. Pisay Night. The last Pisay Night was awesome. It was enjoyed the most for being the last.

8. Buwan Ng Wika. We had to wear Filipiñana (Filipino National Costume). I didn’t enjoy it. That day was a havoc because we had to prepare for an English play presentation on Greek Mythology. Plus, our Filipino teacher was nagging us to participate on the celebration. We chose to put more effort on the English presentation because it was worth a greater grade than fully participating on the event. We were indeed very busy that day.

9. Man of La Mancha (Don Quixote Short Stage Musical). Electron has some awesome singers. We were tasked to have a short stage musical of Man of La Mancha. We won Best Production, Best Costume, Best Aldonza, Best Sancho, Best Don Quixote/Alonso Quijana, and a few others I don’t remember.

10. Sportsfest. Unfortunately, due to my neglected fracture in my tibial plateau, I was unable to fully participate. I was in Yellow Legion. According to our Team adviser, we had the highest point in Cheerdance. I was alone cheering with our other Team adviser, Sir Paran. The sight of the only two of us cheering for Legion was hilarious. Though we lost in Cheerdance, we dominated in Major and Minor games. Thus, I was in the winning team again! Yeah!

11. Paskorus. Because Electron is really awesome, we won Paskorus! Haha. I participated in this one even though I feared I’ll hurt my knee badly. But I really wanted to be a part of this along my beloved classmates. So I endured the pain. After the presentation, I was in severe pain. The pain actually lasted for three days. Ah, things I do for the love of Electron.

12. Christmas Party. The Christmas Party wasn’t too fun. It was fair though. My classmate, Keanu, had an awesome keyboard that he brought for our Paskorus. I, along with some other classmates (mostly boys, I don’t how I just noticed it now), enjoyed playing some random beats.

13. Merry Christmas. Christmas wasn’t too fun. It was fairly fun. My second eldest sister wasn’t there with us again. But my brother-in-law and my nephew, Rohan, were there to celebrate with us. Initially, we were supposed to celebrate Christmas in Cebu but the plans changed because I had to work on my Research with my groupmates over the holidays.

14. Happy New Year! My oldest sister and her husband left for Cebu day after Christmas due to their jobs. They left their son, Rohan, with us because no one would be able to take care of him there in Cebu. Rohan’s parents Skyped with us everyday because they really miss Rohan.

15. Family Day 2013. The Perpetual Trophy wasn’t awarded. Our batch/class had this wholesome presentation (compared to the “romantic” presentation by the 7th Graders). Sadly, I did not take part because I couldn’t risk physically hurting myself. It was a really cool presentation because the performances have to exhibit the theme which was I guess, Pista Sa Nayon. Alvek made a cool choreography of national dance, Tinikling, to the song Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble”. Plus, they performed classic Pinoy pop songs “Ocho-Ocho” and “Pamela Mela”. At the end, they had this farewell moment when they just sat down on the ground, swaying their bodies to Michael Learns To Rock’s “It’s Gonna Make Sense”. I felt tears forming in my eyes, but I didn’t want to be emotional. Our class won the presentation.

16. Last JS Prom.The prom was fine. No need to say more.

17. Rohan. Although, this is not school related, my first nephew (as in a son of a sister) was born!

18. Christening. Rohan’s christening was both joyous and sad.


Goodbye, Pisay! I will miss you dearly. :’)


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