Electron ’13 – e Negative

The last one is for crazy Electron!

‘Tiwala Lang’. You’ll meet cool people.

‘Tiwala Lang’. You’ll get through all the presentations.

‘Tiwala Lang’. You’ll get through all the quizzes.

‘Tiwala Lang’. You’ll get through the tests.

‘Tiwala Lang’. You’ll get things done.

‘Tiwala Lang.’ We can ace this presentation.

‘Tiwala Lang.’ This class would end quickly.

‘Tiwala Lang’. We can work this out.

‘Tiwala Lang’. This senior year is going to be a blast.

‘Tiwala Lang’. Just join in Electron’s spontaneity.

‘Tiwala Lang’. This is e Negative.

We get through everything.

Senior year. Last year in high school. The first day the list of sections were posted on the bulletin board. Of course, I looked for my name first. I wanted to be in section Electron. And I was (am)! I was happy with a few names listed under Electron. Frankly, I didn’t like the other names because I’ve “heard” of them from the past three years and some I didn’t know much. The first day was quite uncomfortable for me because most of the boys were close friends that they seemed to dominate the class. But after a couple of days, I got used to their crazy antics. It was just the first day when 29 familiar faces seem to meet each other for the first time. Already the first day and Keanu already made a Facebook group for our section. It’s called e Negative 2013. Our section didn’t really get to decide our nickname like in Jasmine and Emerald. But I’ll just call Electron e Negative.

Electron is like some sort of mix of Emerald and Jasmine. It’s like Emerald because we have this side to us that is crazy and carefree. It is like Jasmine because we do our best in truly showcasing what tricks and talents we have in store. The craziness won’t be complete without the boys. There goes the quartet of Ramon, Renz, Archie and Cedric, who always leads with the “kalorongan” (Dialect term of craziness). The dormer boys – Ken, Darynne, Van, Tagz, and Dan – always flock together and would normally just hop in with the leading quartet in their tricks and mischief. Then, there are the girls who would usually gossip talk about celebrities, controversies, and just about anything eye-catching (or ear-catching).

A day in Electron won’t be complete with Ken’s usual “banat” (pick-up lines), mostly directed to Rezl – the girl he admittedly had a crush on in our junior year. Then, there’s Van who usually tries to either contradict or agree on Ken’s pick-up lines. One won’t be able to miss a day in e Negative where Ferlin (a.k.a. Arma G – armalite girl) would always complain, rant, get angry at the most random stuff, even just the little things. If you tell her, “Nag-iisog na liwat!” (Translation: Getting angry again), she would speak a sentence or two or more very fast you would only be able to understand the first and the last word of whatever she said. Unless, of course, you’re Fatima who understands whatever the hell Ferlin was saying. There won’t be a day where Fatima (or Fats) would just out-of-the-blue sing a Broadway song or any song she likes. It will be added with some acting and weird dancing. The resident class “ninja”, Dan, would creep you out every time he does that creepy expression in his face. And it’s not only the girls who get scared, even the boys. A true blue Electron (and perhaps anyone in Class 2013) will know that every time “Little Bird, Little Bird” (from Man of La Mancha) would come up it’s about Dan.

Beware of Cedric, the person who looks like a teddy bear. He will always try to pinch you in the cheek. It’s painful when he does that. Beware of Keanu or Kex or Idol. He is always up to trolling people into thinking that there’s a homework in Chemistry, or a quiz in Math, or even just “informing” you that there’s a practice at Marianne’s house for the Paskorus today. I was a victim of that last one. Beware of the very confident section president Hillary because she might nag you to pay your dues or to clean up the classroom or to do whatever she had said that we should do. Beware of Rannika because she would just sometimes blurt out in that annoying little voice for her own amusement but to some’s annoyance. Beware of Marianne because she would just say something completely random and funny, and she would just laugh loudly, and when it’s really hilarious be ready to expect a hit from her especially if you’re beside her. I, for one, am her torture bag. 🙂

The Class Heartthrob and JS Prom 2013 Prom King, Christian (or Gary/Gari Boy) is in our section, mind you. He’s the master programmer of Electron. The “Alpha Male” and strong-headed, Ramon is in Electron. So better watch out of his usual “singgit” (tease). The quiet, ice-cream loving lad, Marc will just be there but just might crack you up with some random and carefree actions he does. “Diri adto tipaubos!” Usually his absence would be unnoticed because everyone knows he’s only just a few rooms away. Eugene – the self-proclaimed the pianist, silent and just relax – can always be found in the Robotics Laboratory (RoboLab). Also, Tagz (Mariam Paul. Tagz is shortened form of his middle name) is usually silent but can always be count on crazy antics, established by the boys. Darynne or DJ is silent and simplistic, you’d hardly see him panic or get angry or annoyed. Archie and Renz are the artists of Electron. You’d usually see them sketching cool stuff on their sketchpads. Archie likes to sing, especially when Electron got into Pitch Perfect. Renz, well, Renz is always there telling unbelivable stories of him, which are usually funny. Then, there’s Rezzaira. She is always actively participating in Class. Sometimes, when there are academic conversations going around, she would just blurt out, “Ano ito?” (Translation: What’s that?). Hey! Our class/batch only consistent Director’s Lister, Julie Baj, is with us. You would know her a lot in this classroom for her proud proclamation of her crush on a sophomore. She is also self-proclaimed hot and sexy. The immoral fangirl, Jasmine Cags or Cess is always fangirling on All Time Low. Iris is in her usual antics in which she jokingly states that these certain people love her very much. I am one of those certain people. Who would miss the loud, self-proclaimed most beautiful and kindest person in our class/batch, Eva in this section? Of course, there’s Rezl. The really talented, random and weird girl. Also said to be Ken’s apple of the eye 🙂 Then, there’s Shirly who’s always up to hugging people and usually speaking in a loud voice. But you would usually catch her sleeping comfortably inside the classroom. And there’s Pat-Pat, who more or less comes off as a bitch but is actually quite bubbly. In the other side of the room, Donna is just quietly observing the people around her. And Kate will always be ready to lend a helping hand.

Most of the people in this section love dress-up. Everytime we have presentations that require costumes, Fatima would usually be the one bringing clothes. The boys, especially the quartet, would be curious and just try out the clothes. That includes even the dresses for girls. They stand in front of the mirror to see how they look and would smile happily at their images. This is the section where the boys are a lot more concerned of how they look than the girls are. Then, there are the usual weird and crazy arguments that leads to everyone’s laughter. Especially when it comes to Ferlin.

You’ll also see Electron is very optimistic. Everytime we have a lot of things to be done, and it seems like we won’t be able to finish or do well on those things, we only have two words to say, “Tiwala lang.” Just have faith, Electron we’ll get through it. We did get through a lot of things. During our English subject, our teacher made us watched Man of La Mancha (Don Quixote Musical). Afterwards, he tasked us to prepare a stage musical like of Man of La Mancha. During the practices, we argued a lot and the people in-charge (a.k.a. Hillary) would usually get pissed off because most of us won’t cooperate. But after a while, we made things easy. We had a funny “choreography” for I, Don Quixote. We took that choreography seriously, though. I don’t think we actually made a lot of efforts. We just did our best to remember our parts and cooperate well with others. The stage musical was somehow a competition among the three sections. Our teacher awarded us Best Aldonza, Best Don Quixote/Alonso Quijana, Best Sancho, Best Costume, and Best Production (and a few others I don’t remember). We obviously won Best Costume because we were the only section that had everyone put on costumes. We didn’t win Best Props because (1) we hardly had any props and (2) Neutron had a freaking windmill prop. We celebrated. Woohoo! I didn’t have many parts so I saw most of our performance. It was really cool because the boys, who were usually the ones not so cooperating with us, performed very well, especially in the “Little Bird” scene. I actually did not expect our performance to go that well. Prior to our performance was of Proton’s. I was actually scared because I saw how organized Proton was. They weren’t really chaotic because most of them were just standing behind the main actors, awaiting for the part where they should sing.

Then, we had a movie trailer project. We got Don Quixote, Proton got Oedipus Rex, and Neutron got Inferno. I was one of the three people assigned to write a script. Rezl was really amazing because the day after we were assigned, she already had a storyline prepared. So I just came up with the screenplay. Initially, I made a short screenplay because I took note that it was a trailer. But Rezl reminded me that our teacher said to have a trailer that is 7-10 minute long in which bloopers and the making are included. I somehow lengthened it and Rezl edited it. I found our script really cool since our trailers should be modern, we turned Don Quixote into a spy. The trailer turned out really cool. But it looked like a short film somehow but only because our teacher asked us to make a 7-10 minute movie trailer. We were awarded Best Over-All Production and Best Bloopers. I don’t think I should be saying more.

Then came Paskorus in which we vowed to each other that we will win it. The Paskorus this time was different on which section/s we were going to compete with. Unlike years before, we competed against not only two sections but five! We had to prepare for the straight singing in which all six sections competing should sing “Hallelujah”. This was a lot of hard work for us because we had constant arguments like “if you see any flaw, please just don’t speak so to cut us off, say it later when we end”. We also had problems with the voices. Then we went to work on the next category – choreographed singing. Rezl made a Filipino version of All I Want For Christmas Is You and English version of Feliz Navidad. Ramon choreographed for us. Our presentation was really cool. (Okay, I think I’m being conceited.) Keanu played the keyboard and Christian played the guitar for us when we performed. I enjoyed our performance so much. And out of six sections, we won! Yes!

I like Electron. No. I love Electron. Not as much as Jasmine but could be close enough. For me, it’s the second best. I didn’t like more names in this section at first, compared to the number of people I didn’t like in Jasmine. It turned out unexpectedly for me. I didn’t expect the senior year to be this so good with Electron. We argued a lot. And by a lot, I mean a lot. Especially when it came to cooperative efforts as a group. But we put aside the differences to work things out. The people I didn’t like at first, I have actually come to like. The people here are really awesome. We matched up with one another’s personality. We were able to cope with the differences and the clashes just by understanding.

Free periods weren’t as much as fun as that of Jasmine but they weren’t as dull as that of Sodium. Last week, Thursday, Marianne said I am going to miss them after she hit me with a book a lot of times. The girls in the classroom said, “Awww” at once. I said, “No. I’m not.” The truth is I am. I will miss everyone. Even maybe the people I didn’t get along too well.

Here’s our movie trailer. The bloopers and the making are separate videos. What do you think?

Credits to Marianne.


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