CLASS 2013

I like the numbers “1” and “3”. They’re both my top 2 favourite numbers. The number “13” is also a favourite number. It just has to do with the number itself. Also because Super Junior had 13 members before SJ-M was established.

This post was intended last week, Wednesday, the night of our Graduation. However, I was itching and swelling and having a fever so I didn’t get to do this. I’m through with Emerald down to Electron. I guess, it’s best fitting that I make one for Class 2013.

I never became classmates and friends everyone in Class 2013. For sure, the people I’ve never talked to are the people I’m not friends with. But there are a few others that I’ve already talked to but I don’t actually consider them friends. But for the sake of loyalty, I will call everyone in Class 2013 my friends.

Indeed, several of them I may not be actual friends but I think about it, I will actually miss everyone. Their presence might not be very powerful so much that I may remember them but the little things, the existence of them itself is already a great reason of why I will miss everyone. I  know, for sure, each one of us takes a role in creating who Class 2013 is. I know, for sure, each one has a little piece of building up the reputation of Class 2013. Even those who left us along the way. Each one of us holds a piece of each other. I know we were not brought together by chance because each one had made an impact on the other. I cannot comprehend how all these things happened. I just know. A gut feeling. Plus, a little involvement of faith.

Not everyone in Class 2013 will leave a huge mark in me. I don’t understand, however, why I could miss something I feel like I have not been fully part of. I have not been part of the countless sleepover and hangouts. I have not been part of the times they stayed late in school. In fact, as of this moment, most of them are at somewhere for a “gathering”. I wasn’t allowed to go because of my health.

I’ve learned more about myself because of these people. Although, those things that I learned are most of the time frustrating to me. I can’t help but feel another gaping hole in my chest like it did when I graduated from elementary. But this time, the hole feels so much bigger. I know this is something that’s telling me I’m leaving another part of my life. High school. And my high school wouldn’t have been this great if it hadn’t been for Class 2013. For when I were just starting in Pisay, I thought I would leave the school with the feeling of remorse and at one point I thought I would be feeling ungrateful. But my stay became worth while because of these people. Now, I know everyday I would look up at the sky and remember these four years with them. I would look up at the sky, then at my watch, and think of what we would used to do at these certain times.

I will miss you dearly, Class 2013 of EVC.


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