After the assembly, Tyrone was left alone on his own. He still hadn’t decided what club or organization he would join. For some reason, he was dragged into the Jewish Society last year because his teacher was pissed with his shyness during class. Then, his drama teacher signed him up in the Drama Club but thankfully, he was put in the production department and not the cast. His last club was the Literary Club. It wasn’t the only club he actually signed himself up. He didn’t go to two more clubs or organization because he believed he won’t be able to handle academics and extracurricular activities at once.

He went to every booth, with the exception of the athletics booths, that was inside the gymnasium. He went to the Literary Club first. Afterwards, he went over to the Math Olympiad. Tyrone loved Math. His father was a Math wizard. Over the summer, his father taught him Calculus. He enjoyed it very much. He looked up at the sign-up sheets. There were several names already. He knew some of these people. He knew they were really good at Math. He looked for any names of his friends. Sadly, Robin and Britt weren’t really keen about Math. They were good at the subject but did not excel as he did. Meanwhile, Tov and Anthony hated Math.

That moment, he was thinking what clubs and organizations his friends would be signing up. Britt has already one. The Student Council. That counted.

She’d probably join Spanish Club because she loves Spanish. And right, Social Awareness Club. Her and Robin are joining that. Robin would join the Irish Society because he’s of Irish decent. Maybe. Tyrone thought. Tov. Hmm, Tov. Martial Arts Club, of course. The Swimming Team, too. And the Asian Society. Anthony? I shouldn’t be too close to Anthony he always gets me into trouble.

He didn’t like Spanish Club. The language was too confusing for him. Social Awareness? He would have to speak in public. Irish Society? He’s not even close to being Irish. He’s done with the torture of Martial Arts Club. He can’t even swim and he’s not Asian.

I’m just signing up for this. Tyrone thought. He wrote his name on the sign-up sheets for Math Olympiad.

He strolled around again, looking for a club he would be comfortable with. Then he saw Anton Crooner. His name wasn’t really Crooner but he was a star in the Drama club because of his great voice, hence he was called Anton Crooner. Anton Crooner was also the current Editor-in-Chief of their school paper. Tyrone shared a passion for writing. When he was in Year 4, he joined his school’s school paper and wrote lots of news articles that were published in the paper. He thought maybe he could do it again.

He approached Anton. He was a tall, Hispanic, muscular guy.

“We have auditions for the school paper!” shouted Anton at a student.

“U-um..,” Tyrone stammered. Anton looked at him and smiled.

“You wanna join the school paper? Here, auditions today!” he said, handing over a paper. Tyrone stared at it. It was a resume.

“Fill that up and we’ll say you in 30 minutes at Room 302,” Anton added.

Tyrone nodded. He immediately proceeded to Room 302, otherwise the English subject room for 7th years and 8th years. By the time he got there, there were about twenty people. He entered the room with his head down. He sat on the back corner of the room where the window was close by. He placed the resume on his desk and started answering it. Few students entered afterwards. When he was done, Anton Crooner arrived and sat at the teacher’s table.

“We need more staff,” Anton began, “I’m hoping all of you lot here are good enough to qualify for the school paper. Right, let’s begin.”

Several senior writers started coming in and distributed long printing papers to everyone. Tyrone received two printing papers and a parchment of paper with the instructions of what to do on it.

“I presume you all can read. So, begin. You have to finish that in an hour,” Anton Crooner muttered.

Tyrone read through the parchment. They were supposed to make their own school paper by following the correct structure  one. However, it would only contain a front page, one editorial, news and sports article. They were given topics to be used as a headline, topics for the editorial, sports, and news. Tyrone scribbled on the paper, rigorously. He’s done it before. He’s done layout for the school paper of his elementary school. He knew what to do. In 30 minutes, he was done. He stood up and took his things. He shyly handed over his two long printing papers, all filled up with his awful but still readable handwriting.

Anton Crooner scanned Tyrone’s work. Then, he looks up at him. “That was quick.”

Tyrone glanced at the entire room and realized he was the only one finished. Anton Crooner smiled. “Well, then. Um..Tyrone Clarke. Is that right?”

Tyrone nodded.

“Will you please then post this on the bulletin board near the gym lockers? It’s just a sports page from last years Secondary Athletics Competition. Can you do it?” asked Anton.

Tyrone nodded. “Yeah. Sure.”

Anton handed over a bulk of what it looks like flyers which were actually sports articles. Tyrone was reluctant seeing the bulk.

“I’m going to post all of this in the bulletin board?” Tyrone asked quietly.

Anton laughed. “Of course not. You only need to place three of those. The others you have to stick them to the walls inside the gym locker rooms. It’s meant for the sports teams. Besides, those are all ready to stick on walls.”

Tyrone nodded again. Then he walked out of the room. His messenger bag was hanging on his right shoulder and his arms carried the bulk of papers and his notebook. He had a bit difficulty in the elevators but managed to press the buttons. After a while he was already near the gym lockers. He was struggling with what he was carrying that he didn’t notice Jacob Hansen. He bumped into him. Tyrone felt a sudden fear. Jacob looked angry. He slammed the things Jacob was carrying to the floor.

“Watch where you’re going, drongo!” Jacob shouted. Then he pushed Tyrone as he entered the gym lockers. Tyrone was  scared.

Uh-oh. He thought. He felt his eyes puffy but he wasn’t going to cry. He didn’t want to. Not on his first day back in school. He knelt and took all of the stuff back.


Tyrone knew that voice. It was Britt. He closed his eyes to stop his tears from falling. He gathered all of the papers back into his arms.

“Tyrone, are you okay?” Britt asked. She knelt beside Tyrone. She tried to take a glimpse of his face but Tyrone kept his head low. She helped him gather the papers.

“What happened?” Britt asked. Tyrone huffed and swallowed.

“Oh, Tyrone. Who did this?” Britt said. She finally understood that Tyrone was in a social turmoil, knowing that her friend was shy and introvert.

She clapped Tyrone’s back. “Tyrone, come on. Tell me.”

Tyrone lifted his head. A tear fell. “Please, Britt. It’s nothing. Don’t tell anyone or make a report about it.”

“I’m just asking you who did this,” Britt said.

“J-Jacob Hansen,” Tyrone choked as another tear fell.

“Oh, Ty,” said Britt, as she hugged Tyrone. He immediately pulled away, wiping his face.

“It-It’s okay,” he stammered. “I-I just need to do this. Anton Crooner asked me to place these things.”

“All right, I’ll help you,” Britt said.

They were able to gather all the papers and went to the bulletin board by the entrance of the gym lockers. Britt held the papers for Tyrone as he stuck three of them to the bulletin board.

“They lost, huh? Pity.”

Tyrone and Britt both turned around. It was a guy about Tyrone’s height. He had deep-set. velvety dark eyes and a side-parted, sculptured brown hair. He wore his uniform as if a formal wardrobe to a business meeting. He was Andy Dorough. He was with Amber Corbitt and a newbie girl.

Amber Corbitt grimaced. “Indeed.”

They were apparently ignoring the fact that Tyrone and Britt were there.

“If they won, I would have sponsored them,” Andy Dorough continued.

“You would?” asked the new girl.

“Well, not exactly me. My father, of course. He’s a great sports fan.”

And that ended their conversation in front of Tyrone and Britt. They both looked at each other afterwards and smiled to themselves.

“Well, that was awkward,” said Britt. Tyrone smiled. He had forgotten about Jacob Hansen’s behavior.

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