Psy Gentleman

I just like to get this out from my system. Also because I said a few weeks ago, I’m going to make a review (or I’ll just probably say whatever I want) of Psy’s latest single, Gentleman.

To start of, I’m not a huge Kpop fan. I’m only aware of Kpop whatnot because of Super Junior. They are the group that got me listening to Koreans. I have been a fan of SJ since late 2009, and I’ve never heard of Psy since I learned about Kpop. I’ve never heard of him until I was in reading some news about SJ and I saw this “Hot Topic” post about Psy going international because of Gangnam Style and how Justin Bieber’s agency was signing him or something.

It was the first time I ever saw his face. I think it was great how he gotten global, bringing the Kpop name with him. Gangnam Style had been going on for the rest of 2012 that I think my ears bled. I didn’t like the song that much. I mean, yeah, it was catchy. I would find myself unconsciously singing, “O-Oppa Gangam Style!” But I didn’t understand most of what the song was about when I searched for English subtitles. I think it had gone very overrated and too mainstream that I just wanted to kill anyone who played Gangnam Style loudly (i.e. our neighbors who lives about three houses way from us). Of course, I don’t really mean to ‘kill’. Just a slap on the face, perhaps. When 2012 ended, I was thinking, “Hmm..2012 is over perhaps no more Gangnam Style.” But the aforementioned neighbors were playing the song loudly in a very peaceful morning during a weekend. Then, I realized people are just waiting for what Psy has in store for them in his next single. I know that Psy and the company that manages him, YG Entertainment, would and should feel pressured because of the international success of Gangnam Style. Then, Gentleman came.

I knew about Gentleman the day it was out to the public through again. I never attempted to go to YouTube to watch it myself. Rather, I was waiting for people’s reactions. After hearing and seeing several netizens state that it’s really catchy and good, I finally watched the music video of Gentleman.

First, Psy’s attire. It was very Gangnam Style. Well, I’ve never really heard of Psy before. I don’t know whether it’s his trademark outfit or he’s just wearing it just ’cause. His attire throughout the video seemed to be the same outfits he wore in the Gangnam Style video. Also, I can’t help notice that his pants are very similar to the pants that EXO’s Luhan and Kai usually wear in their ‘MAMA’ performances.

Second, the music video. The video was very reminiscent of Gangam Style again. It was dirty. It appeared as if Psy was horny halfway through the vid. I find the music video scandalous and perverted and pedophillic. No, I did not like the music video as much as half of the human race did. The music video is R-rated. No doubt why Music Bank did not allow to broadcast it in their program.

Third, the dance. When the chorus came and Psy stared dancing the first thing that literally came into my mind, “Ah, Brown Eyed Girls’ Abracadabra!” I’ve never actually seen the whole music video of Abracadabra. I’m not even aware of who are the Brown Eyed Girls’ members or which company manages them. But that dance is mainstream in Kpop. A lot of known male idol group members dance to it that’s why I know about it. I became less and less impress of the whole deal with Gentleman. Perhaps because I know I’m expecting it to become a dance craze but it’s just BEG’s Abracadabra which is like almost four years ago.

Fourth, the song itself. The music or the song itself is very reminiscent of Gangnam Style again and again. Especially the part of “wet, Psy!” That line itself had me like, “WTF!” Recently, I searched for English subtitles of the song. And again, just like Gangnam Style, I didn’t quite grasp what Psy is trying to say in Gentleman. However, for Gangnam I somehow understood it as something more like making a girl love him or something. But for Gentleman, I find the lyrics kind of wrong. They don’t make any sense. It had a sort of perverted vibe to it just like its music video. I’m a music lover and before I get to like a song I listen and understand the lyrics first. So basically, I did not like song itself.

It’s really catchy indeed. I find myself singing. “Mother, father gentleman!” (Before I used to hear, mother, fcker gentleman. Sorry.) But the song to me is nonsensical and I don’t like nonsensical songs. I don’t get how this people enjoying Gentleman ignore the lyrics of this song. It doesn’t make any sense.

Overall, I think Gentleman is just more or less a desperate attempt to par or exceed Gangnam Style’s popularity. Or maybe the reason why I see Gentleman very reminiscent of Gangnam Style is that a lot are saying that this one is Gangnam Style Part 2. Still, I think that this was produced in a hurry. Because although, it maybe a sequel, it shouldn’t appear as almost alike to the original one. Also, since I recently learned that Psy said he doesn’t care if his songs don’t receive international recognition, as long as it is loved in Korea or by Koreans, I think that Gentleman is more particular to the international fans than the Korean fans. It’s understandable because Gangnam Style was such a success.

There are a lot of good songs lyrically from other Korean artists. EXO’s MAMA has a lot more meaningful lyrics despite the occult-ish music video and chant (which I still find creepy up to this day). Moreover, I don’t get how these non-Kpoppers like this song but hate on Kpop in general. If you guys hate Kpop, then why are you listening to Psy’s Gentleman? Because he is still a part of Kpop. I would like to slap the people I know who persecute me for listening to Super Junior (and accusing me of loving Kpop in general as if I actually listen to all of Kpop) while they dance merrily and sing merrily to Psy’s Gangnam Style and Gentleman.



Note: I don’t think I could be considered a Kpop fan by the Kpop world since my knowledge and “love” of Kpop is limited to a few SMTown artists plus, recently, ZE:A. If there are any true blue Kpop fans who are reading this, will you kindly tell me if I could be considered a Kpop fan.

All right, time to listen to Mayday Parade’s Valdosta EP and/or listen to that Save Rock And Roll by Fall Out Boy again.

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