29 ~ ANDY

Andy called his mom a few times to check if he’s dad had already arrived from his business trip somewhere in Europe. Amber had convinced him with her proposal to not wear uniform in school. Now, he was trying to contact his father to hear him and Amber out.

He and Amber and Nikki were walking on the tracks, with Amber between him and Nikki. They have been talking about how to propose to their fathers about the non-uniform policy.

“What do you think is the best introduction on the paper?” asked Andy.

“Why does it need to have an introduction? Let’s just go directly to the point,” Amber said, as she adjusted her blouse.

“Straightforwardness is good, Amber but this is a formal appeal. We need an introduction,” Andy said.

“Can we talk about the views of students about uniforms?” muttered Nikki.

Amber smiled but Andy looked blankly at Nikki.

The three of them grew up together, literally. Their fathers were best of friends and they owned a club house where Andy, Amber and Nikki grew up as their parents went on business trips and work trips. They were taken cared by the old lady of the house, whom Andy still can’t forget how much he feared her. But Andy was only at that summer house for three years. His parents have finally decided to live on a rather permanent home on the outskirts of Melbourne. By then, he was only eight, Amber was seven and Nikki was six. He couldn’t remember who Nikki was because most of his time there, she was the baby he and Amber and the old lady took care of. Sometimes, He would warily leave them behind as he yield a great hunger to explore his boyhood.

He was glad his parents have permanently taken him out of the club house. It took both girls two and a half more years before they were also “removed” from the club house. For that two and a half years, Andy didn’t keep in touch with his childhood friends. Rather, he joined his father and his friends to play golf. He didn’t get to explore a real boyhood. He would read for days on history, political, and philosophical books. He would read in his father’s study where the riches dwelled.

Andy has only seen Nikki now for the first time. He wondered how she is.

“That’s a good idea,” said Andy, after a while of silence. They already had reached the left-wing entrance door. It opened widely. They stepped in as Nikki whispered, “Oh look, news.”

Andy and Amber looked to where she was talking about. Tyrone Clarke and Britt Warwick, both where with him in Drama class last year, were posting some papers on the bulletin board near the entrance to the gym locker room.

They stopped several inches away from Tyrone and Britt. Andy read the headline. The headline said, “FHS DRAGONS LOST FOOTBALL FINALS; COACH SIMMONS DISAPPOINTED IN THEIR SUPPOSED COMEBACK!”

“They lost, huh? Pity,” Andy said.

Amber grimaced. “Indeed.”

“If they won, I would have sponsored them,” he continued.

“You would?” asked Nikki.

Andy’s eyebrows furrowed. “Well, not exactly me. My father, of course. He’s a great sports fan.”

Then, Andy started walking away. Amber and Nikki followed.

“So, we should start the letter of appeal,” said Andy.

“Shouldn’t we confide to students where they stand with this? I mean, isn’t that what our introduction is g0ing to be about?” asked Nikki.

Andy stared at her, meanwhile Amber was busy fixing some glitches with her blouse.

“Amber?” asked Andy.

“Oh!” Amber said in a high-pitched voice as she fixed up her blouse. “Glad that’s fixed!”

She turned to Andy. “I think it’s going to take some time.”

Andy then looked at Nikki. Nikki pursed her lips and exclaimed, “But if we don’t do that then we won’t have an intro!”

Andy was surprised. Nikki seemed to be insisting.

People who insist quite aggressively are difficult to convince. Andy thought. A smirk was drawn on his face.

“You know what, Amber?” Andy said. “Let’s do what Nikki said. We need to convince our dads, so we might as well need everyone’s convincing.”

Nikki smiled. “Yes! Okay! Let’s go ahead and ask our first student about the uniforms!”

Andy lifted an eyebrow in surprise. Nikki almost skipped through the hallways and Amber and Andy followed quickly. As they turned to an intersection, Andy spotted an Asian girl whom he’s never seen before. But she didn’t look like the typical East Asians. She almost looked like half Caucasian with her eyes that are almost like almond-shape. She was slender compared to most of Asian girls he’s seen.

Nikki was about to approach her but Andy grabbed her hand and pulled her back as the Asian girl passed by them and she nodded curtly to the three of them. They didn’t nod back.

“That one was a new girl,” said Andy. “We don’t ask the newbies because it’s their first day. We’ll have their opinions as backups.”

Andy knew who were new and who weren’t in school. He had a good memory for people’s faces. She wasn’t one of them.

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