There were just a few students left inside the gymnasium, making their rounds at every stall there was left attended.

Kiyoko wondered where else to sign up. She listed her name in the French Club and the Theatrical Arts Organization. She thought it was best for her to sign up to only three clubs or organizations while she was still new in school. There were still a lot of good clubs and organizations that she was interested in joining. She wanted to join the Art Club. Kiyoko liked painting, especially the traditional Japanese art. She would like to join the History Club, too. She found history very interesting. Then the German and Spanish Clubs. Besides her mother tongue, the only language she knew is English. The Literary Club sounded good. She wanted to write a lot about Japan. The Business Studies Organization was good, too. The Debate Team, Asian Society, Earth-Loving Club, Social Awareness Organization, Drama, Classical Music. They all sounded good clubs and organizations for her.

In her former international school in Japan, there weren’t a lot of clubs or organizations. So she was impressed to the number of clubs and organizations there was in FHS. She went over to a huge poster that had an overview of the organizations and clubs. The poster was on the wall next to the entrance door.

She stood quietly before the poster. She read through the Academic Clubs. Then, she went through the Athletics and Cultural/Causes Organizations. She found two most interesting organizations to join.

“Interesting, huh?”

Kiyoko turned to her left. It was a tall guy with wavy, dark hair (some were covering his forehead). She couldn’t see his eyes but his obvious cheek was reddish. He had a serious look on his face while he looks at the same poster.

“The Athletics Organizations are the most popular but the Cultural and Causes Organizations are the most helpful. Take your pic.”

Kiyoko was mesmerized with his voice. His voice was husky, and she knew he was a baritone.

He glanced at her. He had cool sloe eyes.

“If I were you I’d go with the Academic Organizations because knowledge is power, and power helps people, unless of course you’re a Nazi. Are you a Nazi?”

Kiyoko smiled as if bursting into laughter. Before she could reply the guy said, “I’m half-German but not a Nazi. Well at least, I don’t think I am.”

He looked back to the poster again.

“The Literary Club is really good. They talk about Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe. ‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate.’,” he added, staring at Kiyoko.

“The Asian Society can express those words in different tones,” he said, looking back to the poster. “I knew someone who can do it. My friend, Tyrone – he’s not Asian (quickly glancing at her) – was on the Literary Club. Come to think of it, where is he now? Do you know where he is?”

Kiyoko shook her head, still smiling. He was about to leave, and she didn’t even get to know his name. But he looked back.

“Piece of advice: join the club your heart tells you. . . or whatever that means,” he concluded.

A smile was left on Kiyoko’s face. She took the tall guy’s advice.

Piece of advice: join the club your heart tells you. . . or whatever that means. His voice echoed in her head.

She went out of the gym to head to the athletic field. She couldn’t get rid off of her mind the guy who spoke to her. He looked and sounded serious but the whole time he was making a funny. She was secretly laughing. There hadn’t been anyone who was like him in Japan.

She knew the way around school. The Student Council President, Colton Canes, and Vice-President, Samantha Riley, showed her around. Kiyoko had a good memory so she remembered her way.

She was near the gym locker room, which was the fastest way to the athletic field. She hadn’t reach an intersection when she saw three people – two girls and one boys. The first girl was the shortest. She had dark brown hair and tanned-like skin. The other girl was taller and slimmer. She had wavy-ash blond hair and sun-kissed complexion. The guy, who was looking at Kiyoko, was slender with fair skin, and he had a side-parted sculptured brown hair.

She nodded curtly to the three of them before turning to her right. She passed by a tall guy and girl, both of whom she didn’t took a second to look at because of her excitement, at the entrance to the gym lockers.

Kiyoko was finally outside. She saw bunch of girls in the middle of the athletic field. She ran up to them. She stopped beside a girl who was shorter than her. She looked like Asian because of her eyes. She had a pale complexion. He hair was on a large curl ponytail. Kiyoko didn’t get to see what her eye color was.

“I am Gwen Knight,” said a girl in the middle of the semi-circle that the other girls formed. Gwen Knight was beautiful. She was a slim, fair girl with hooded tawny brown eyes, ebony hair, and turned-up nose.

“I am this year’s Handball Captain. This isn’t our playing field, obviously. We’re here under the scorching heat of the sun because I need to see who are not afraid to sweat.”

Kiyoko smiled. She played handball for three years back in Japan. Hopefully, those three years would guarantee her a place in their team.

“We’ll be here for hours,” Gwen Knight added.

A few girls left when she said it.

Gwen Knight smirked while shaking her head in disappointment. “For those who just arrived, come forward and write your names here on my clipboard.”

Kiyoko walked forward. So did the girl beside her. The latter wrote her name first. Kiyoko saw her penmanship was beautiful as the girl scribbled her name. The girl looked up at Gwen Knight.

“You must know me, right, Gwen?” said the girl.

Gwen Knight smiled. “Of course, Bianca.”

The girl, Bianca, smiled and returned to her place. Kiyoko stepped in and smiled at Gwen.

“Are you a freshman, too?” asked Gwen.

“No. Just transferred. I’m in Year 8,” Kiyoko replied. “Name is Kiyoko Kira or Kira Kiyoko in Japan.”

“Nice to meet you, Kiyoko. Wishing you a good year,” Gwen said.

Kiyoko finished writing her name on the clipboard. She smiled at Gwen again and returned beside the short girl named, Bianca.

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