We were going back to the city after a three-day vacation at the beautiful beaches of Bantayan Island. I was sitting on the back of the car. Music was playing on the background. Some Avril Lavigne songs. I was leaning towards the window to admire the natural beauty of the rural side of Cebu. Beautiful areas.

The beauty of nature has always its way to inspire me in my writing. I can’t understand why is it. But the beauty of this rural areas lights up a fire in my heart, makes my chest feel heavy and warm, and make me nostalgic as if once in my lifetime I have been living in this “untamed” parts of the world.

At that moment as these feelings came back again, I spotted a beautiful tree. It was on a higher ground, not too high enough that I would probably still be able to climb the ground. It was a simple yet beautiful tree. The tree itself and the ground around it are the only things I can see. The shade. The wind blowing in your face. The fresh smell of the grass and the tree trunk and the leaves. It was a perfect place to enjoy a whole day of writing under the shade of the beautiful tree.

I shift in my seat as we passed by the place so that I can take a one last look at that tree. A smile painted in my face. A sad smile. A smile that wished we could stop so that I could stand underneath that tree. I could sit down and write. I could lie down and watch the leaves swaying above me, the clouds moving, and at the end just enjoy the beautiful blue sky.

It was too good to be true. It was a sanctuary for a writer who wishes to have peace as she scribbles through her paper and create memories in a world only known to her.

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