The Walking Dead And The Government

Today is the Election day here in the Philippines.

I was woken up at around six in the morning (which isn’t normal because when it’s summer, I wake up at around 9 or 10 in the morning). Apparently, my mother and my sister (who are the only family members that I have living in this house) are voting. I’m the only one in the family who can’t vote, yet. So my mother woke me up so someone can guard the house while they go to the local precinct.

So I slept on my mother’s bed which was downstairs, behind our television set. I turned the television on with a loud volume so people would assume someone was at home and awake. Then it started.

In my dream, all eight of us in the family where at home for the elections. The four older sisters and our parents were already going to the precincts. Then, out of the blue this old woman with a huge swell (and a mole on top of it) was inside our house. My fifth-born sister and I were on the stairs as we saw this woman. It was coming for us! So we ran up to the second floor. We have this area in our house which used to be the staircase, only there isn’t, and now it looks like a terrace. Me and my sister slowly climbed down from this area which led to our kitchen. There was a curtain draping over the area. We tied the curtain to use it as somewhat like a barricade since based on my knowledge of The Walking Dead, these zombies are more or less stupid. The old woman walker was still in that area, trying to get herself pass through the curtain. But she couldn’t. My sister and I went to our living room, only to find that most of our family members have already left. All that was left in the house was me, my sister, my father, and someone else I forgot. Then, all of a sudden. My sister and father weren’t there. I was left with Andrea and Jim from The Walking Dead (the series). My sister, who didn’t look like my sister, suddenly arrived but she was already a Walker. I had this sharp object (I forgot what it was) and I hit her on the head with it. I kept hitting her until I hit her eyeballs and she was gone. Another walker arrived and I hit it, too. It died (well, you know what I mean) as I repeatedly with my foot (I was wearing boots). Me and Andrea had gone out to our gate. We closed it. I talked to Jim and Andrea about how my family is out there and I need to save them. (Char! I’m a hero!) Jim volunteered he would go. So he probably went without me seeing him leaving because the next time I look he was gone. Me and Andrea heard walkers outside so I went to look for sharp object or weapons. I remember we have this  bolo (a sword-like object) under our kitchen sink. I went there and it was gone. I muttered, “Sh*t, Jim took it with him!” (Oh my gosh, I cursed in my dream!)

Luckily, I found this huge bottle. I hit the bottle on our dining table so that the bottom would break, exposing sharp ends. I also found other sharp objects. Me and Andrea went to the gate again. We saw military men marching with civilians whose arms were tied. That’s when Andrea told me the story. The government had ordered the military to kill civilians and infect them with some kind of virus so they would turn to zombies. The government ordered it to distract Filipinos as they cheat on the elections. While Andrea was telling me that, the military and the civilians stop not too far from the gate. There was this huge military tank. (No offence  but does the Philippine government even have this?) They stopped in front of the tank. Someone shouted, probably the general, and the soldiers fired at the civilians. I don’t understand why but after they were shot, the civilians immediately turned to walkers. The funny thing was that these walkers started marching. The soldiers scattered as if to kill the walkers. Too bad for one of the soldiers because he was bitten. We didn’t realize that there were already walkers coming to our house. Andrea and I killed them. Woohoo! Bad-ass people here! After our while, it was less chaotic. My dream started to get more confusing. My family was back. They said we should leave and temporarily go to a safer place. At this point, Andrea had vanished in my dream. Instead, another TWD character arrived. I’m not sure whether it was Shane or Rick. But either of them arrived.

The funny part is we did move but only a corner around our house. We lived with these other people. There were about a twenty of us already. Shane or Rick came running. He said it was safe in our house. I was the only one who probably listened. So I came with Rick/Shane. The old woman walker was still upstairs. Rick/Shane and I killed it. I don’t know what happened but ever since me and Rick/Shane killed the old woman, he disappeared. I suddenly got a gun, a rifle at that. Rick/Shane probably gave it to me. I left the house when night came (or was that early morning). The streets were quiet and there were no walkers. I went to the place where my family stayed. I found out from the grumpy lady who owned that place that they left. She seemed angry at my family but she was nice to me. I asked her where they went and she told me they went to Greenwich (the restaurant). I left my bag at her house as I took a few things with me. I went to Greenwich, which was surprisingly just at our town’s market. I went there through the highway because I thought it would be safer and less scarier. I ran. And I was quick. Really quick. I was really careful in case I spot a walker. I made a turn which led to the market. There were dogs and I’m scared of dogs. Fortunately, they were too distracted with their sexual endeavours.

I reached the Greenwich restaurant. But I didn’t see them there when I went inside. There were also walkers about to run all over the place. My dream shifted back to our neighbourhood. It was becoming chaotic there. I think I killed several walkers. Then I found my family. We were about to leave somewhere even safer because the government was going to have all the walkers loose. I told my mother I just had to get my bag from the lady. She went with me. The house was already filled with a lot of people. The place was filled with assorted people. They all came there because the government had claimed that the place was safe for them. I was more worried that I might have been robbed than the fact that they have been played for fools by the government. Good thing my bag was still intact.

Then I woke up. I didn’t get why it was necessary to have zombie invasion if the government only wanted to cheat on the elections. Also, I was thinking about the Philippine President the whole time the government was mentioned in the dream. I didn’t think the president would be that evil to do so. Anyway, it didn’t make any sense.

Part of me liked the dream because I was such a bad-ass. Part of me, doesn’t because I wasn’t prepared for it. Just sharing.

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