This Is Boring

The past few weeks have been really boring. There’s nothing to rant or be angry about. I think I’m missing a lot of things. But I guess being not angry at certain things, topics, or even people is good. But it doesn’t feel good. I’m probably not living life.

There are only three things that pisses me off as of the moment. First the Philippine Elections 2013. This one I’m really pissed off with because of some senatorial candidates who aren’t deserving are in the top of the so-called, “Magic 12”. Then, here are few other senatorial candidates who have actually more experience and are really up for the work. It’s really disappointing. I’m very disappointed. Also for the local elections like the mayor of our town. I expected the popular candidate would win the position but I was still hoping the other candidate would win, hoping that the local people aren’t naive enough not to see what the popular candidate has been treating our town like. I would want to talk about this in one single post but I want to do it after the COMELEC is done counting all the votes.

Second, my sister. The fifth-born. She’s been really on my mother’s nerves – and my nerves as well – the past few weeks she’s been here. She can’t even do household chores. I mean, at least, I agreed to wash the dishes for dinner. I’m not really helpful with chores, I admit it. I don’t want to be hypocritical about this matter but at least, on my side, I still manage to do some work to help my mother. All she does is bring her friends in our house and she will be very lively. But if they’re not here, especially in the morning, she would just lie down. Ugh.

Third, I don’t know what the third thing is. I feel like I need to have three things that pisses me off. I guess this it. I’m pissed of that I don’t have a third object to be pissed off at. There.

I’m bored. My emotions are bored. I want to witness something that will make me pissed off so I can rant about it.

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