She went to the other organizations she joined. Bianca went back to the gymnasium, only to find the handball team’s stall empty. Luckily, there was a sign that said off to the athletic field.

She immediately ran to the main door of the school. She didn’t know the school that much. All she knew is that she would have to go around the school to find the athletic field.

She followed what she knew. She, at last, reached the athletic field. A lot of girls were already huddled together. She went over the back because they were busy gossiping about the latest rumor of a cheerleader or a jock. Bianca figured their discussion might be about boys.

“Have you seen Xavier Rutter?” said one girl.

“Why? How is he looking?” asked another.

“Still suave, of course,” said another.

“He’s hair is clean-cut so that he looks like an English gentleman,” said a fourth girl.

“Wait! What about Logan?” said the second girl.

“Still gorgeous. God, they are truly blessed with good looks,” said a fifth girl.

Bianca rolled her eyes. She tapped the shoulder of the fifth girl who was nearest to her.

“Excuse me,” Bianca said. “Why don’t you get yourselves some life? Nobody cares about your hormonal rage.”

The five girls’ jaws dropped. They kept a distance away from Bianca. She did not know who Xavier Rutter or who Logan was. She didn’t care if they were actually the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio or Tom Cruise. But she hated girls who blurt things out de to their hormonal rage.

Bianca wondered where the captain was. Then, she felt a presence beside her. Someone had just arrived and stood next to her. She wasn’t bothered, though.

Then, two people were coming right at them. She knew the girl who was leading. Gwen Knight.

She plays handball? Bianca thought.

Gwen stopped in the middle of the semi-circle. The other girl, redheaded with graphite-gray eyes, fair skin, behind her.

“I am Gwen Knight,” said Gwen. “I am this year’s handball captain. This isn’t our playing field, obviously. We’re here under the scorching heat of the sun because I need to see who are not afraid to sweat. We’ll be here for hours.”

A few girls left. They were the five girls who were gossiping. Bianca watched as they left. She then saw who was next to her. She was Asian for sure. But she looked a bit different compared to those regular Asians Bianca has seen before in one of her family’s vacation in China and Japan. This girl was slender with brown almond eyes and wavy dark hair.

“For those who just arrived, come forward and put your names here,” Gwen Knight added.

Bianca came forward, and so did the girl beside her. Bianca wrote first. She looked up to Gwen.

“You must know me, right, Gwen?” asked Bianca.

Gwen Knight smiled. “Of course, Bianca.”

Bianca smiled and went back to her place. After the girl next to her, whose name was Kiyoko, signed her name, the remaining fifteen girls sat on the grass. Gwen and the girl behind her stayed standing up.

“All right! You may remain if you want to,” said Gwen. “Stephanie and I will be staying here. You can join us if you want to.”

“But I thought you said we’ll be staying here for hours,” exclaimed a girl.

“I just tested your determination to be in this team,” said Gwen. “All right. Those who need or want to leave, you can go. Those who want to stay, then stay.”

Only three stayed with Gwen and the girl behind her. They just wanted to enjoy the newly plowed athletic field so they sat down. Bianca, Kiyoko, and the other Asian girl stayed.

“So,” said the girl beside Gwen. “I’m Stephanie Reid.”

“I’m Jiyeon,” said the other Asian girl with light brown hair, dark eyes, and pale skin. “Sung Ji Yeon. I’m a freshman.”

“So what made you guys come to Australia, specifically FHS?” asked Gwen. She was talking to Jiyeon and Kiyoko.

“Family matters,” replied Jiyeon.

Bianca could tell Jiyeon didn’t want to talk about it.

Kiyoko smiled. “Family and personal preferences. I heard FHS is one of the best high schools around here.”

“Oh,” muttered Stephanie. “Gwen, didn’t you just mentioned that you know Bianca?”

“Yeah,” replied Gwen. “We were in the same grade school, St Anthony School For Boys And Girls. I know Bianca is good at handball. I guess the try-outs this Friday will be easy for you.”

Bianca smiled. “I hope so. I didn’t know you played handball. You weren’t in the team back at St. Anthony.”

“I didn’t,” said Gwen. “A friend just pushed me into this.”

Bianca saw a different glow in Gwen’s smile. She wondered who that friend is. She had a gut feeling it’s a guy.

Suddenly, two boys were running towards them. They came from a huge door going to the gym locker rooms.

“Gwen!” the golden blond dude shouted. His eyes were tantalizing. They were striking electric blue eyes. His skin was slightly pink, and his hair was short-cropped, wispy golden-blond. He was probably the most handsome and charming guy that she saw in FHS.

The other guy was also handsome. He had short shaggy dark blonde hair, obsidian dark eyes, and tanned skin. But the first guy was a lot more charismatic.

“Hey!” said the golden blond guy as they stopped a few meters away from the girls.

Gwen smiled. “Hey! What brought you here?”

“Uh. Oh right,” he said. The other guy was standing close to the golden-blond guy. The former was staring at Gwen.

The golden blond guy handed an envelope to Gwen.

“Julia asked me to give you this,” he added. “She said to read it alone. Also, she told me to give you a wink.”

He did winked. Bianca found it cute. Gwen laughed and took the envelope.

“Oh yeah,” Gwen muttered. “Girls, this is Xavier Rutter. He’s the captain of the football, or soccer in your place, team.”

The golden blond guy, Xavier, raised his hand and said hi to Bianca, Jiyeon, and Kiyoko.

So he’s Xavier Rutter. Bianca thought.

“The other one is Xavier’s friend, Logan,” Gwen continued. Her smile fade. Bianca knew Gwen had some king of annoyance towards Logan.

And so he’s Logan. Bianca thought.

“This is Bianca, Jiyeon, and Kiyoko,” Gwen added, pointing at each one of them.

“These are all the people auditioning?” Logan blurted.

Gwen rolled her eyes. Stephanie answered him.

“We told the others they can leave. They’re the only ones who stayed. How ‘bout you guys? How many came to your preliminary try-outs?” Stephanie said.

“Five times more than who came to yours,” said Logan, laughing. But none of them were. Xavier punched his arm.

“Shut it!” Xavier snarled.

“Sorry,” Logan muttered. “I’m just saying my charms are able to recruit lots of people.”

Xavier slapped his forehead. “Again, shut it!”

He turned, embarrassed, at Gwen. “Sorry Gwen. Logan’s illness is acting up.”

“Oh, don’t worry, Xavier. I’ll have to get used to do that if he keeps tailing behind you,” Gwen muttered.

“Tail behind Xavier?! Oh, I don’t do that!” Logan exclaimed.

The sight of them talking made Bianca laugh.

“We’ll just leave. School’s about to end for today, anyway,” Xavier said. He gave another bright smile to Gwen, which she generously replied with a big smile.

After the two boys were away, Stephanie looked at them,

“So that was Xavier, Gwen’s friend,” Stephanie muttered.

Gwen shook her head and laughed.

So that’s the friend who pushed Gwen to play handball. Bianca thought.

“Okay, let’s get going,” said Gwen. They stood up carefully because there was a sudden gust of win that might have blown up their skirts.

They walked towards the same door that Xavier and Logan entered and exited. But while they were on their way, a guy with ash-blond hair, dark brown eyes, and fair skin was pushing a cart filled with nooks and crannies, in front of them.

He must be a wannabe inventor. Bianca thought as they stop to let the guy pass, who was also going to the gym locker room.

All Rights Reserved 2013


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