My Soft Side: Pets

I am worried. Very worried. My favourite cat has not been eating and she hasn’t been home for two days.

Since my birth, our household has always had pets. When I was baby, we had a dog named WeeWee. Not actually sure if that’s the spelling. But the dog’s name in the Cebuano dialect means to take a piss. It’s funny. WeeWee was still alive until I was I guess four or five years old. Then, he died. He was a big dog. I don’t recall any memories of myself bonding with him. At the same time, we had a cat whose name was PC or Pisi. Again, I don’t how it is spelt. It’s because of this tomcat that I feared cats for a few years. This tomcat suddenly scratched my thigh for who knows what reason. It still leaves a mark on my thigh. Ever since then, I did not like cats. Until…

December 2003. We had a bit of problem with rodents running around the house so my parents decided we should have a cat in the house. PC had already died. We asked for a cat from our neighbour who was a vet. The cat’s name was Barbie. The first few weeks, I couldn’t let myself get close to the cat because I was afraid. My family would laugh at me because I was really terrified. After a few weeks, I got used to Barbie and finally my fear of cats faded.

May 2005. Barbie gave birth to Bec Bec It’s an acronym for Big-Eyed Cat because that cat seriously had big eyes.

July 2, 2006. I remember this day because Philippines was in complete calmness as each and everyone watched the Pacquiao vs. Larios fight. This was also the same day that Bec Bec gave birth to two kittens. The other one, I accidentally killed. I thought it was a cockroach and I stepped on it. But the remaining still lives to this day. The cat’s name is Bache.

April 3, 2007. The day after my father’s birthday. Boknat and her brother and sister were born. I killed Boknat’s sister again. What?? I didn’t know it was under my thigh! The brother didn’t survive. Boknat, as well, was really weak but still lives to this day. She’s my favourite cat.

November 2008. The boyfriend-then of my oldest sister gave us a dog. His name was Stitch. He was a cute dog. He looked like a Dachshund but it wasn’t a Dachshund.

It was in June 8, 2008 that I realize I have a special attachment to pets. Stitch died that day. Me and my sisters literally cried. It was one of the saddest days in my life. I also cried, but only briefly, when Bec Bec died because she was sick, and we didn’t know about it. Summer 2010, Barbie just left home while she was really weak. I cried when I heard from my father what happened.

I always get upset and worried when my cats are scared like that time when I bought Boknat to school for our Pet Day. My soft side will always show when it comes to these pets. I would talk sweetly to them like they are babies. Funny, I can’t talk sweet to an actual baby but I can do that to cats and Stitch. But it comes off easier to cats. My soft side has been showing a lot the past few days because Boknat hadn’t been home for two days, and she would hardly eat. So I always manage to look for her and when I do, I take her to our kitchen and feed her. She does eat. That I’m happy about. But it’s got me worried that she might be like this because she’s already old. But Bache is older and she’s really doing fine. So I’m wondering if she’s sick, better yet, love-sick. I saw her with a tomcat yesterday. They were on the roof of our neighbour.

I hope she gets better in the next few days. I really love Boknat. I think I would cry as much (or even more) as when Stitch died.


This freakin’ awesome song was playing on the radio when Stitch died. 😥

I miss you, Stitch, Barbie, and Bec Bec.

2 thoughts on “My Soft Side: Pets

    1. Hmm. Good point. But what would it eat outside? My cat doesn’t really eat rodents. “Maarte” siya, you know. Also, because when it’s at home, it doesn’t eat. I forgot to mention she’s thin now.


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