I’m Extremely Scared

There’s nothing in this world that scares me more than lizards. I have no idea how or when did I ever became really scared of lizards. I don’t think I was scared of these creatures when I was six years old. It was probably in high school that I realized that I’m scared of them. They just have a way of creeping me out. They are freaky and creepy and weird (in a bad way).

Lately, I have been extremely scared of lizards. It was the beginning of this week when I was washing the dishes and there was a lizard about three or four feet away from me. When I’m aware that there’s a lizard close by, I’m usually paranoid. I keep glancing at it until its gone. It was probably the light that was doing the illusion but it seemed like the lizard blinked. I got the feeling as if it was staring at me. The following days, I’ve been terribly paranoid whenever there was a lizard close by. I just made fun of my fear. Laughing it off. Until last night when there was a lizard on my window of my room. I had a nagging feeling it was like watching me. Gah. Talk about really paranoid. Then it went over my ceiling. The ceiling of this room is low. It’s only a few inches above my head. So I was really scared. It was almost like coming over directly above me. Because I was really paranoid, I quickly got out of the room, turned off the lights. I felt like crying because I was extremely scared. It’s not even funny anymore. I don’t think I could even manage to make fun of my fear. I really need some counselling about this. As in urgent.


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