The Irony Of These Recognitions

It’s ironic. Truly, ironic. I can’t help but laugh at the things I now know due to my last post.

“Perhaps, I’ve enjoyed high school so much, and my elementary years was full of dread.”

My elementary years wasn’t dreadful at all when I look back at it. I enjoyed pretty much all the recognition, being the “brightest” student, as they say. But it was six dreadful years. Okay, dread might be too much of a word to describe my six years. But it wasn’t as blissful as my high school life.

I was a horrible person in a way that I only know. To everyone who knew me or saw me everyday at school, I was probably a role model student because I had good grades or I was always present (seldom, late except in fourth grade). I was, more or less, one of the good people. Even, I thought I was that kind of person. Only to realize, later on in my life, that I had been hiding a scary monster within me. The prideful monster that could have destroyed me if I hadn’t gone to my Alma Mater, Pisay. It could have deceived me and everyone else if it weren’t for high school where I had my views, perspectives, and beliefs change (in a good way). This is true my friends, who would manage to see this, I was a terrible person.

High school was full of bliss despite the ups and downs because I knew what monster was dwelling inside me, and I knew it has been crushed and destroyed. So I manage to do the right things and the good things with sincerity and humility and not with pride.

This will sound cliché and extremely repetitive, but I will never get tired of this thought: Pisay changed me. And I will always be grateful to the school and to the people.

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