Hormonal Teenagers

A drama anthology here in the Philippines just finished an episode while ago. It was about a teen girl who had a crush and was in love with this upper-class guy. But she was “friendzoned”. She had a guy best friend who liked her but she put him in the friendzone, too.

Apparently, lots of Filipino teenagers could relate to the story. There was, according to my sister, a non-stop posts on Facebook about it. All I could say was, “Hormonal teenagers everywhere!” I wasn’t “struck to the bone”. In my opinion, it wasn’t one of the best stories portrayed in MMK. It was a bad, stereotypical episode. It seemed like a typical story for most Filipino teens. I’m not one of them.

I guess that’s the problem with me, or perhaps it’s not a problem with me, I’m a teenager but I’m not hormonal. I have no emotions for such. I mean, I had one crush on this sixth-grader guy from another school when I was in fifth grade but it faded probably after I learned the he was in the same high school as I did. But I wasn’t like those teenagers. I kept it to myself because it was simply admiring how smart the guy was.

Anyway, I’m just here, perhaps, to rant about these hormonal posts because, again, I have no such emotions. Yes, my fellow Filipino teens, you have the same experiences when it comes to “love” so why don’t you make yourselves an occult or something?

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