Memories That Don’t Make Sense

When I remember some past events, especially the ones that don’t make sense, I am usually always bothered about it.

Last night, I remember an ordinary day in sixth grade. Back then, I liked using the expression, “What the heck?!” for whatever reason. Our teacher was making some announcement. I forgot what it was but it was probably a terrifying idea or subject for me that I was able to blurt, “What the heck?!”. I was sure I didn’t say it out loud for everyone, even the ones sitting in the back (I was in the front row), to hear. But they happen to have heard me. They all started laughing including our teacher.

Until today, I still have no idea what was funny. It still doesn’t make any sense to me. What I said wasn’t even funny. It was an exclamation to an idea that I had not liked. I guess, they were all happy about whatever that idea was. Or, perhaps, they were all crazy.

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