I hate those hoggers.

A lot of you were hogging over the role and yet this is what we get? That is not even a script! That is some piece of trash I’d like to throw at my annoying little kitten. (Okay, that seemed a bit too harsh.) You seemed very enthusiastic of the role that not only I expected commitment on the job! You bunch of hoggers! Now, you’re “conspiring” to do another one because you don’t like the first one made?! What do you think of yourselves? Don’t even for a second think that you are the stars of this whole new environment! Don’t you dare walk around and act like you’re the “leaders”! Time will come when the underdogs will see what you guys are, and they will stand up against you. (Hunger Games??) Be careful with your actions. I can already see who and what you guys are. (Advantages of a wallflower.)

You’re hogging slapped me that day. Now, in this blog, I am slapping you with these words, and telling to whoever reads this from different parts of the world, that you are bunch of hoggers!

(I’m using the slang “hoggers”.)


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