Pump It

I don’t want to be judging because I don’t know who exactly you guys are but a part of me is saying you aren’t as nice as I want to believe in.

The news of you “declaring a war” against us and the reasons behind it are unreasonable, petty, and immature. Yes, we do stay together a lot. Always, in fact. But that’s because we had a strong bond before. Don’t tell me you guys didn’t have that with your classmates. I mean, I clearly recall you guys also doing the same thing – staying together. Do we dominate over the freshmen? No, we don’t. That day you were blatantly waving your banners of your origin, came out to me, and possibly to several others, as somewhat boastful, annoying, and attention-seeking, which are the words you accuse us of. But do I see us waving our banners of where we came from? No, because at the very first day and even before that, we knew what the general public will think about us. We were even afraid of introductions but later on we let it go because we’re going to show you we’re not what the society think we are. We hardly even do anything that is boastful. We know our place. This is college. Although, memories of the past four years will stay, we know it’s time to move on. This isn’t your high school. Why don’t you guys let go of the caste system that once existed in your lives?

But of course, I don’t know what really is happening since I’m not Varys, and I don’t have spies. I really do hope you guys aren’t “reportedly” what you are.

Also, I want to rant about that incident today. This isn’t directed to the same people above (I hope not). I don’t know what also happened but as far as what I know, WHY THE FREAKIN’ HELL WOULD THEY SKIP US? That led us to a punishment which was performing on the stage. Perhaps, the people before us we’re just thinking of themselves. Did they do that on purpose or not? I don’t know. It wasn’t even directly our fault! They just, without a warning, skipped us! To the three ladies who “threatened” us to perform or else they’ll give our papers back, they had no right or whatsoever to tell us those things because they also don’t know what happened! They only knew our row was late with submitting the papers, but why exactly? Also, we did our performance. To the audience, if you want entertainment, don’t go embarrassing other people. You can get entertainment without that part of humiliating us. You made a friend of mine cry! I blame you for demanding another performance!

But so what, they were probably disappointed and dumbfounded that we did well. We practiced “Pump It” for almost thirty minutes. Thank God, He gave us super nice boys who were willing to dance with us.

Just wanted to get all these anger and annoyance out. Also, I do wish I was Varys (from Game of Thrones) because he has spies.

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