Sad But True

Thursday, July 4, 2013 around 8:30 a.m.

Friend hits my arm with a notebook after I made fun of something (it was probably her).

F: “You miss someone hitting you with a book!”

Me: “Wew, but it’s not you.”

F: *sad-ish look* “I know. Because I’m not your friend.”

Me: “It’s okay. I’m not your friend, either.


It’s sad but it’s true. This friend wasn’t one of my closest friends in high school. We were only classmates for one school year. She’s a good friend but not a close one. I was sort of hurt when she said, “Because I’m not your friend.” Meaning, close friend. But then I realized it is true. I belonged to this so-called “mental patients of ma’am nurse”. She had her own version of that which doesn’t involve “mental patients” or the school nurse. Hence, I said, “I’m not your friend, either.” Sad, but true.

I just miss my two other “mental patients” close friend. I hate admitting it. But it’s fact. Gladly, I have another “mental patient” friend going to the same college as I do, although, I hardly see her in a day.


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