Power Of Writing

Writing things down just helps me think. Well, this is blogging. Technically, I’m not writing. But it works the same for me. My thoughts just flow right through my fingers.

Since the absence of a constant companion who I can talk to about my deepest thoughts and feelings, I tried writing letters. To whom are those letters addressed? Well, that’s a secret. It made me feel better. Although I may not hear an immediate response, it still feels like I’m saying all those things to someone face to face. It gives me the peace of mind because while thinking of words to express my feelings, I am able to reflect on the things I’ve been doing and on the things that I’ve done. Writing those things out makes me calm and relax. I feel an elation. It feels like I’ve left the world for a moment but still aware I am still on ground. It makes me forget about what is happening at the moment. It made me feel like that none of those emotions that I wrote even ever existed.

I guess that’s why I love writing so much. It’s just the power, the effect of it on me.


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