I am a kind of person who gets easily frustrated over the little things. Like one time during a short surprised quiz in our Math 11. I had one freakin’ mistake out of five items. I was deeply frustrated. I couldn’t get over it. Then, today we had another short surprised quiz in the same subject. I thought the algebraic expression was raised to positive three! It was, all along, raised to negative three! I was and still am very frustrated over that stuff. Ugh. Now, I’m frustrated because I haven’t had any free time to write on my novels. My schedule, I reckon, is a lot more hectic than it was in high school.Thank God, I have a Communication Skills 1 subject where we are required to write some creative stuff. The only time my writing has been really useful was when we were made to write a critic on a research article. Gosh, I pray I’ll get a real break from all of this. But oh well, I have my endeavours to success, I must fight through this!

This post should make a lot more sense like the way I planned it. Oh well, I’ll just post this anyway.


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