I volunteered to become a medic for our NSTP-ROTC in school. With that, we were tasked to memorize the STANDING ORDERS. It’s like the medics’ words or a reminder or something. It would be cooler, though, if it would be as short and brilliant as in “Ours Is The Fury” or “Winter Is Coming” or even better “Fire And Blood”! (Targaryen loyalist here!) But as a medic, I need to remember this by heart.

Stay spiritually stable; mentally and physically able and capable.

Take care of yourself as you would of all victims.

Always bear in mind that there are no experienced SAR operators only SAR experiences.

Never ever forget anything.

Do not ever be a left-behind.

Invoke God’s help to push you back whenever you are about to go wrong and to make you go forward whenever you are afraid to do right.

Never ever lose time.

Get yourself prepared and ready at all times.

Once a SAR operator, always a SAR operator. So carry yourself with the highest honor, dignity, and commitment.

Remain calm, patient, and courteous in all eventualities.

Do not ever take a chance if not extremely necessary.

Expect situations and things to be at its best but plan and prepare for the worst.

Remember that pain (whatever it is) is not to be endured but ignored.

Say thank you always for all that you receive and be grateful for all your accomplishments.

All of us medics had to memorize this within twenty-minutes!

3 thoughts on “STANDING ORDERS

  1. I think that is great. Can’t believe I haven’t come across it before. The only part I don’t agree with is “pain…is not to be endured but ignored.” Often pain is telling us something that we should listen to, like stop pounding your thumb with a hammer.


    1. I passed the 8 days Urban Collapsed & Structure Search and Rescue(UCSSAR) days ago. The last R in standing ordeRs was the most memorable bcoz during the 2nd to 4th day of the training my calves are in pain and about to cramped. Looking at my fellow trainees they are ready to back out who has the same problem as mine bcoz of executing 500 charlie chaplin the first day of training.. I have difficulty walking and standing after a minute of sitting down. After reading the standing orders and tasks to be memorized, that R sinked in to me and i tried to ignore the pain from walking, running, crawling. On the 5th day the pain was gone. I am more determine to pass the rigid training til the last day.


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