Keep Your Mouth Shut

Just keep your mouth shut! You try all the time to argue with people. I can’t help but notice how your mouth just gets all wide in an aggressive attempt to win over another person who has no intention of holding a “debate” with you. The way your stance becomes when you start to open your mouth is also annoying. You act like you know more than the rest. Only a few people (or even nobody) care about what you think. I, for one, have little interest unless you start talking to me about what you think of Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time. I don’t even believe this is something you do to get what you want to say out there. It’s just your way of showing off. Don’t go walking around as if everyone needs to see you “debating” when in fact you look and sound like a fool. Can you even hear yourself over your large, obnoxious voice? Please, why don’t you try listening to yourself for a while and notice how much almost everything you say in a moment are incoherent and irrelevant?

Just shut up, will you? Shut up! Maybe just tape your mouth or glue your lips together because I am annoyed and pissed at every single word that comes out from your big mouth!


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