Seems Suspicious

The thing about Janet Napoles supposedly surrendering to the President seemed kind of suspicious to me. There were no clips of Napoles being actually inside the Malacañan Palace or inside the NBI (or wherever it was she was kept). The Philippine media itself did not get any footage of Napoles being inside. I am in doubt of the Government’s word for it. Questions are playing inside my head. What if this is just actually some act of the government to die down the increasing anger of the Filipino citizens? What if Napoles wasn’t actually there? A mugshot of her was released. But is that enough to believe she is actually there, surrendering not only to the President but to the Philippine nation? I just think a footage of her actually being there is necessary to calm the doubting minds and hearts of Filipinos on accuracy of the information released by the government.

Well, she is going to be transferred to the Makati City Jail so hopefully the media will be able to get a footage of the alleged suspect behind the “pork barrel scam”.


(Is she even really the “mastermind” of this super controversial scam?)


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