In Loving Memory

My semestral break started terribly sad. The break started last Saturday. The day before that, I thought I was going to be starting the semestral break, or “sembreak” as we call it, because we won the House Cup (it’s part of our Geology 11 class). Oh boy, if only I knew would be so wrong.

Last Saturday, my favourite cat, which I believe had already been featured in this blog, died. I cried a lot with only one of my sisters witnessing my emotional breakdown. I literally dug a hole behind our house to bury our cat because another sister of mine insisted that our cat, Boknat, should be buried and not just thrown away to the sewers. I was crying but mostly sweating when I was digging the hole. It still makes me sad, remembering that day. Now, it’s another Saturday. I’m only in the first week of this three-week vacation but it hasn’t been really that good. Now, I’m not feeling well due to my allergic rhinitis and sinusitis. Ugh.

I’m hoping that supposed reunion of Class 2013 is coming very soon.

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