When the semestral break was just coming, I had every thought I would be actively blogging again. But it didn’t happen, and I don’t think that would happen for a while. I was going to continue with the Teen Tales series but I got into the lazy bus. I just wanted to watch TV series and movies, and play games. But there was a day that I had every intention to continue with Chapter 33, yet something happened. I forgot what happened. All I know is that I wasn’t able to continue with it.

However, two nights ago, I don’t remember how I got myself into those websites. But I was looking through some medieval weapons in some websites. I listed some cool ones because I remember this series I am working currently on (and I say working on because I haven’t really sort of written anything). It’s called Ubiquitous Series. I think I’ve already mentioned this but it’s the series after Destiny Trilogy which I finally finished last year. Well, in Ubiquitous I am going in-depth to these imaginary “magical” world of sorts. I have these characters who carry weapons, of course. (These weapons are very crucial in the story!) So what I did was I listed these medieval weapons and came up with a story of each. Hence, now I am working on a mini-series that won’t really take long. I’m calling it Ubiquitous Legends. These mini-series reminds me of Rick Riordan’s Demigod Diaries. It’s sort of like that.

Now, I feel really disappointed with myself, and I believe I won’t be able to blog actively for a while since I have only one week left of this semestral break. I’m returning to school with more determination to do better. So, that’s see you soon, “blogosphere”!


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