Reminiscing Night

I once ran for President in a thing I’d like to call, “Elementary Politics”. To others, it might have been a gutsy move from someone who’s only been involved in this kind of politics for two years. “The first time, she held the lowest position in the government –  Peace Officer! Now she’s running for President?”

Well, fyeah! To be honest, I didn’t want to run anyway. The first time I ran I was nervous as hell! But the teachers convinced me. Now, I think of that classmate who, I’m sure of you would have run for President as well, but settled running for the Vice-President office. Probably because s/he knew our teachers were supporting me. But s/he wanted to be in power, anyway.

Now, I think of it. I wasn’t of that much use. I just went and advertised the cleanliness of the school. And to think, I was sort of like a politician! But I hate most politicians, now. Most of them are dishonest beings and bunch of pain in the asses.


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