The Mayor Is Getting Sued Because The President Is Stupid

People around the globe may already be familiar with Tacloban City and Leyte (and Visayas) due to the super typhoon Haiyan’s devastation in the Philippines. If not well, they could Google it.

Today, I saw the news about the Mayor of Tacloban City, Alfred Romualdez, getting sued by the Aquino Administration because, according to the President’s spokesman (or was it a representative), the Mayor (“head” of the local government) did not have any immediate action of help when disaster struck. Well, President Aquino I have every insult similar to stupid coming into mind just for you! And I don’t care if I’ll get in trouble for this! I’ll support Romualdez on this one!

First of all, dear Mr. President, if you didn’t know the local government and the people belonging to it were also victims of the typhoon. There was even a rumor going around a day after the storm that the Mayor’s wife, Mrs. Christina Romualdez (who is also a councilor), died with their two children reportedly in their vehicle when the sea came rushing into the land. Dear, Mr. President, Mayor Romualdez is also a victim. The police officers, (remember the Police Head you fired just because of his statement about the number of casualties?), were also victims. Even that Air Force officer and the two fresh PMA graduates are victims. And if you didn’t know, Mr. President, those two fresh graduates are still missing, that Air Force officer had almost died in the storm. How do you expect them to have helped others immediately after or during the disaster when they are victims themselves, Mr. President?The Mayor’s wife and kids was reportedly missing for a while. Who knows, he must have gone mad looking and worrying for his family. And when his family was found safe, at least, the Mayor went into action without any complaints, helping his people! And what did you do, Mr. President? When you arrived in Tacloban, you got frustrated over something and walked out! You gave Tacloban a big middle finger and a “F*ck you, Tacloban!” and told them to not blame you and instead blamed the people for this devastation! Who the f*ck blamed you? All that we needed was comfort, assurance, and help from you! But I guess, that’s what you’re good at – blame games! I mean, you’ve continuously blamed previous Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo for the poverty and crimes of the country. And I do recall myself and my classmates and everyone else saying that instead of blaming the former president, you should act on making things better which you were lacking to do. And why are you blaming the people of Tacloban on this devastation? It’s not like they caused the storm or they did not prepare! It was all over the local news, if you hadn’t known, that people had tied their roofs and did some kinds of preparations. But what the f*ck, Mr. President! Haiyan was terribly strong that we couldn’t have done anything to fix our homes and make them sturdier and storm-resistant!

Second, dear Mr. President, just before Haiyan made its landfall, you had said you had navy ships and 30 plus helicopters on stand-by, and relief goods were ready. Yet where were those things you’ve mentioned? There were no relief goods, you lying being, you call yourself a President! No navy ships, and only two helicopters! And you shamelessly had the foreign nations eager taxed them for the help they are bringing in! And yes, I believe that the DSWD repacked the ready-for-distribution relief goods from Indonesia and other nations, placing “DSWD” instead! I know people who were actually volunteers on that day.

Lasty, Mr. President, why are you only suing Mayor Romualdez? Towns like Tanauan, Dulag, and Tolosa had terrible devastations as well, and I bet there wasn’t any immediate response. Also, if you didn’t know, dear Mr. President, my hometown Palo, has more number of casualties than Tacloban and could justify for the fact there was no immediate response from the local government. So why aren’t you suing Mayor Petilla? And if you didn’t know, a family friend of ours went to approach and asked help from Mayor Petilla but instead Mayor Petilla turned her back against this person! Dear Mr. President, have you seen how haggard and ragged Mayor Romualdez looked like while busy helping in the relief operations of his city and saying how little help he is getting from the national government?! So why only Mayor Romualdez?? Oh, I know because Imelda Marcos, Former First Lady and wife to the Late Former President Ferdinand Marcos (who he is accused of being the mastermind of your father’s death), is also a Romualdez. The Taclobanons, Leytenos, and Samarnons (basically the almost the whole Eastern Visayas) loved and will always Ferdinand Marcos especially after what he’s done for Region 8. *Cough* San Juanico Bridge *cough*.

Basically, Mr. President, you can’t let go of your petty politics even when thousands are at the verge of dying of hunger. I thought you would be better than Former President Arroyo. You’re no better than her who you’ve kept blaming on every damn national issue that happened! I’m ashamed to admit that I have supported you for quite a while years ago when you were running for the President seat. I support Romualdez and the Marcoses because my parents (who lived to see the Martial Law) justify that the Late President Marcos was one hell of an excellent President! Unlike you, President Aquino!

This is what I say to my fellow people of Visayas, especially Tacloban, we’ll rise like phoenix from the ashes, we’ll be the most promising, we’ll have better cities than Manila. More successful and more industrialized. We’ll do this without that much help from Noynoy! And we could give him that big middle finger he gave. Or we could just be nice and forgive him and all the other officers of the national government *cough* Roxas and Soliman *cough*. Whichever really people prefer to do.

Take note: Tacloban Remembers (so does the North)! Visayas will remember the help from the foreign nations, and Visayas will remember those who’ve lied and ignored us!


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