The Omega

Walls are closing in | It’s suffocating | The wolves are drawing in | Not for it, they’re coming

They come to laugh and scream | Of joy and merriments.| Oh, it could only dream! | Saving from these moments!

What of is its survival | If to nothing it belongs? | It waits for days’ revival | And wait it shall for years long

But then, what of tomorrow | If it can’t survive today? | All omega can do is burrow, | Head and tail to get out of the way

Of the impending crashes | Of the immenent downfall | Of the water that rushes | To give it a drowning call

Survivng alone | Survival it shall | For the wolf is lone | And fighting is null

Perhaps someday, a beta it becomes | Then, the next few years, an alpha we’ll see | For now, struggle it welcomes | A better wolf it’s gon’ be.


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