On Tuesday, as I just arrived at my sister’s house where my family is currently staying due to recent events,  I was going to get my slippers which were directly under their concrete stairs. As I was busy telling my mother of news about school matters, I didn’t realize my head was just near the stairs. So with full force, I hit my head. I muttered “shit” before falling down to my knees because of the throbbing pain in my head. I lied there on the floor, crying because of the extreme pain. My mother helped me up and got me to lie down to rest myself. Until Wednesday, I swore I still felt concuss. I was also feeling nauseous. I felt like vomiting but I couldn’t do it. Since Tuesday, I’ve been having headaches now and then. And just yesterday, I hit myself on the same spot again by accident as I was hurrying to get home because it was already late.

These headaches make me just miss my high school’s clinic which I constantly visited with my friends and as well as our school nurse, Ma’am Marilee.

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