The Miserable Lost Of A Writer

Have I mentioned I lost important things of mine as a writer? I have already mentioned that I finished a Trilogy just a year and five months ago. Well, that hardwork, those four years were lost in the typhoon.

See, none of our properties were actually blown away by Haiyan. Well, except our washing machine and our roof. But Haiyan destroyed approximately ten notebooks I used to write the whole freakin’ trilogy. The only notebook that survived was the notebook where I am writing the supposed edited version of the first book of the trilogy.

Although it’s already been a month since my lost, I still feel like it was all just for nothing. In Filipino, I could better express what I’m feeling with only one word – nanhihinayang.

That moment when I was picking up my things, looking at those written works I cherished, all torn because of the rain that Haiyan brought with it, was like seeing loved ones die. Although, I’ve never actually have experienced that. But those stories were part of me and will always be part of me. The stories were my beloved works that I put in so much research work and wisdom. As corny as it may seem, they were my babies. I wanted to cry because of it but then I thought, I shouldn’t cry over these. The stories, every plot I wrote, are written in my veins. I shouldn’t cry over the paper I wrote on of my thoughts when people have lost real loved ones due to the storm.

Then, I thought it was time to let go since I’ve been overly protective and possessive of these little materials things. I had to let go. Hence, I decided that as long as the story stays with me the story will never go. I have rather taken this circumstance as an opportunity for me to improve things.

It was a terrible lost. But it could have been more miserable if I had not survived, and the stories lived but with no one to tell the world about them.


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