One Minute

A minute is 60 seconds. Not that everybody is too stupid not to know that.

But dear Botany teacher, I know how a minute feels like in such exams where we have to move from one station to another. I have taken four long exams on the first semester where we moved from one station to another. And those exams were legitimate. My Zoology Professor had a freakin’ clock and bell on her table when we took those exams. It was freakin’ insane each time the bell rang but not as insane as your exam. It wasn’t just an insane exam of yours. It was completely mental.

I don’t understand why you had no watch with you during the test. I don’t understand your basis of your one minute. I just don’t. I was not raised to be disrespectful of my teachers but at those moments when you shout, “Move” inconsistently, I just wanted to throw my blue book at you and scream,

Eat your one minute!

That was not a one minute per station test. It was “oh-I-think-it’s-a-minute-now” test! Don’t take me for a fool!



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