The City

I have come to a conclusion that this city has brought out the worst in me. No, I haven’t done drugs and alcohol! What the hell are you thinking?

Oh, sorry. What I’m trying to say is that I have been showing these behaviors that I don’t usually exhibit. I cuss a lot now. It’s not because of how place is. It’s just that the situation here is incredibly frustrating to me. I used to cuss only occassionally when the situation truly requires cussing. But now, I can’t seem to stop my mouth from blabbering. I really need to fix this problem quickly!

Other behaviours include me getting more easily annoyed, thus resulting to such amount of sarcasm coming out from my mouth, and sometimes I become so apathetic. Remember, I am empathetic and sympathetic.

Oh God, please help me in this ordeal. I need a reboot. For now all I could say is,

This is not my home, my home.




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