I Hate You

So those who are not part of the music and lights committee, are the best actors.

What kind of sick logic is that? I’m a bit inclined to music but I won’t admit to joining that committee because I’m not confident enough to actually be able to contribute anything (aside from my frustrated beatboxing). I certainly do not know how to operate with lights. And I most definitely do not act. I can (kind of) dance but I won’t be able to because of my recent injuries. So you’re just going to put us aside, as if we’re worthless.

How dare you tell us we have no identity or we don’t know our identity. I’m positively sure who I am. I work most efficiently with writing my own stories. I am slightly depressive, and bad-tempered. But I can also be really sympathetic to the point that it becomes empathy. So don’t you dare tell me I don’t know my identity. You are degrading our morality, especially to those people who may have it worse than I do in the self-esteem platform. I hate you for living your little girl’s fantasies in the image of us because in the first place this class should not be for this theatrical acting. I don’t see how finishing this whole thing can actually be of service to the country.

And yes, I dare you. I dare you release us at 1 pm. I’m in a bad mood because of you. I’m still hung up with my depression from last night so I’m being irrational.

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