Author’s Note: I was supposed to write this one last night but I was tired.

So here’s a little background of this story. Last night, there was pageant for the BioWeek, organized by the Ecological Society of the new campus that I currently enrolled in.  It was the first “Mr, and Ms.”. See, one of the male contestants, a junior, came from my old campus so naturally, we supported him especially after the tragic event we experienced last November.

For the real story, I was with my fellow freshmen coursemates, all hailing from the Tacloban campus. We stuck together for the rest of the night, cheering for our fellow freshmen candidates and for Kuya Mark, the junior contestant from our campus. The Cebu campus freshmen were really loud with their cheers. We joined in, too, but by only screaming. Now, with the Cebu Biology freshmen was one of our major subjects teachers. When Kuya Mark came out on the stage for the talent portion, we started cheering. We even shouted, “Tindog Tacloban!” (Rise/Stand Up Tacloban!). But it got awkward because we were the only ones cheering. Then, all of a sudden this teacher with the Cebu freshmen, shouted at us, “Mag-cheer mo? Minus 25 points!” Which is translated to, “You’ll cheer for him? Minus 25 points [in the exam]!”. His voice was actually loud that the other freshmen and probably a few other people were like, “ooh”. I was taken aback by that comment, not because it endangered our scores for our exams, especially because it’s a major subject, but because of how insensitive he was. He later said, “Joke lang ‘to guys ha” when we sat down.

But that wasn’t funny. I couldn’t take it as a joke. It was very insensitive. He should not have said that. These people should understand that we went through a terrible phase in our life because we did not just lose our homes but we also temporarily lost (in a sense) a school that had forced us to go to other campuses to continue our education.  Hence, it has become our natural instinct to stick up for each other. It was truly an insensitive remarked. It was one of those cases when people just talk before they think. And they say he was always in the Honor roll. Guess, he’s not really that smart. Not worthy of any praise for his brain, because he doesn’t seem to use it in the expense of others.

Well, there sir, you just made your second appearance in my blog, and in the same section at that! I guess, I dislike you so much. That or you’re just doing stuff that are kind of stupid.


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