Remembering A Year After Haiyan

It’s been a year after super typhoon Haiyan struck the central region of Philippines. A year after and yet not everyone has completely recovered from the devastation. I remember my personal experience of that day very vividly until today. Why do I? Because there has never been a day since November 8, 2013 that I don’t remember that day. Those days filled with fear and worry and questions. Was I going to live another day? What happened to my friends? Was my family safe in Cebu? How are we going to survive when people here are at the brink of losing their humanity?

Many resources were given by foreign nations. (Thank you friends from other nations!) But these resources were not even given to those who need it the most because people in the government are useless! The only thing we can do now is to help ourselves and not wait for a helping hand from the government which we may never see.

As of writing this, at this very minute a year ago, the wind was still quite strong and it was still raining. The Haiyan was going away but a different kind of storm was just coming.


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