An Abundance Of Stupid People

Ever since super typhoon Haiyan struck the province where I live, the true colors of people living in our neighborhood has come to surface. And it has made me realize that there is an abundance of stupid people here.

I don’t call them stupid because they can’t add numbers, or they can’t read. I call them stupid because they can’t understand such a simple thing. For example, there is this person, let’s call her B-woman, who doesn’t want her next door neighbors to rebuild their home. She even added that she and others would hold a protest. Her next door neighbors just so happened to be my distant relatives. But my mother’s defense is not biased when she told B-woman that she has no right to complain if our distant relatives decide to rebuild their home because the lot is their property and not B-woman’s. My mother is right. B-woman has no right to complain, or even protest.

I’ve also noticed that these “incidences” had only begun when the CRS or Catholic Relief Services came to our barangay. I bet B-woman didn’t want our distant relatives to get financial support from CRS. In contrary to her assumptions, my distant relatives don’t really care whether CRS gives them money or not because they would still rebuild their house. Moreover, I’ve heard that a lot of people are complaining that owners of unoccupied and destroyed homes are going to be given money from CRS. I can’t really grasp the idea why they are complaining if these owners are given money. It’s not like CRS is going to give the supposed financial support for these owners to those whiners.  (Note: CRS holds home inspections to assess how much financial support a family needs.)

Now, I’m not exactly sure whether these people are greedy or stupid. Or they could be both. I’m more positive that people are greedy. And their greediness surfaces their stupidity.


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