This Semestral Break

This semestral break I was supposed to enjoy a lot of things in my own little world. I was supposed to be writing my books, reading novels, memorizing Ed Sheeran songs. Approximately, I’ve only done 50% – 60% of things I was supposed to enjoy. Now, I’m trapped in this small side of our house because of my sister’s love for meddling in my world. I’m trapped in this small side of our house because I fear my family will only get in my nerves due to their disapprobation of my beliefs and philosophies.

This semestral break/Christmas break isn’t as enjoyable as I expected it to be. If nobody here notices, I’m surrounded by bullies.

3 thoughts on “This Semestral Break

  1. Hey, cheer up! Bad sh*t always happens but that doesn’t mean it’ll happen forever right? Attract and at the same time radiate positive vibes around you so that people would get infected by your aura! If you’re folk’s blabbering gets too hurting, why don’t you get your earphones and listen to Ed instead? Haha. Cheer up! You should go listen to Benjamin Francis Leftwich’s “ATLAS” it always calms my nerves when stuff like that happens!
    Cheers! Let’s both have a good year eh? HAPPY NEW YEAR! 😀
    – Aenri


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