The Pope Visits

The Pope is currently in the Philippines. If I’m not mistaken, he’ll be in the country until Sunday. There was so much hype just months before he arrived. And well, this whole thing is not sitting well with me.

The local news is filled with the news about the Pope. (And we’ve got a weather disturbance.) I’ve got nothing against the Pope. But I do have something against the government, the officials, whoever they may be, who “prepared the nation” for his visit. Pope Francis is supposed to visit my province to sympathize with the victims of super typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan. But I’ve got serious doubts he won’t probably even see the people who are still living in tents because of the news that the town mayor forced these people to leave. He probably won’t get to sympathize or even empathize that much as he won’t even see the one’s who may need his comfort. I know these people are in desperate need of some kind of saviour to lift their spirits up after the disasters they’ve experienced, and the pope is the closest thing they may get. Yet, here comes the government officials.

Now, I heard he’s going to dine with some Yolanda survivors. Now, I’m not sure how they got selected. But if they got selected by the letter Ps (a political family existing in our province), there’s a big chance they were carefully selected to put or say good but unrealistic images of the province’s situation. Furthermore, I agree with the writer of this article from Rappler (click on Rappler to view the article). Although I think there’s only a slim chance, but I hope he does shed some light on everyone to change all the dark things happening in this country.

(P.S. I do know some things about the corruption going on in this town’s Catholic church.)


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