What A Waste

I’m taking up a course called Bot 111. That is Plant Morphoanatomy and Diversity. Now this course has a prerequisite: Bot 10 or General Botany.

I took Bot 10 around this time last year. In fact, I even had a rant post about my teacher of this course. So this year, I’m taking up Bot 111. On our first day meeting, our Bot 111 teacher was telling us that we’d have to memorize scientific names and families of plants, which we should be familiar with now. Apparently, last year, my classmates who didn’t go to the other flagship campuses had this task on their Bot 10. Meanwhile, me and four other friends who were in Cebu last year weren’t embroiled in such task. Now I feel like I have been robbed off. My education was. I feel like a whole semester there seemed a lot of waste.

Hopefully, I could cope with the others.

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