Stop Being Bitter

It has only taken me this time of the day to voice out what I think because I had to finish a lab report earlier. This post is concerning the so-called, “Fight of the Century”.

To begin with, I didn’t watch the fight because, again, I was finishing a lab report. I was already writing the discussion of my report when I remembered Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. were boxing each other out, or at least just Pacquiao (according to friends who actually watched it). When I checked on the internet how the fight was going on, it was already over. Apparently Mayweather won by having the greater score from the judges. To be honest, I expected the fight to go on a draw. I’ve never watched Mayweather fight before but I’ve seen Pacquiao fight. So I go to Facebook and Twitter, and there were just massive posts and tweets about the fight. All my friends (well, except one) were all rooting for Pacquiao, obviously. (You know, Filipino pride thing.) They were all posting on Facebook how Pacquiao should have won because Mayweather did nothing but run in that ring. The tweets I saw on Twitter were worse. There was a tweet saying “BEHIND EVERY STRONG MAN THERE IS A STRONG WOMAN”, attaching a photo of Justin Bieber and Mayweather. Then there was also, “Luto!! Sunog nanalo” (Luto means cook, sunog means burnt, and nanalo means won, and you get the idea what this tweet is about.) And there were more *cough*bitter*cough* tweets. I understand a lot of people, especially fellow Filipinos (note: I am not bringing down my fellow countrymen), wanted Pacquiao to win. Maybe he deserved the win, maybe he didn’t. But could we just stop and rethink about the actions made and the words said? You’re bitter, I get it. But it doesn’t mean you have to say homophobic and racist jokes just because your idol lost.

I am suddenly reminded of Pete Wentz’ words, “We’re sick of hearing people say, “That band is so gay,” or “Those guys are fags.” Gay is not a synonym for shitty. If you wanna say something’s shitty, say it’s shitty. Stop being such homophobic assholes.” Preach on that, Mr. Peter Lewis Kingston “Pete” Wentz III!


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