So when my summer vacation was still on its way, I had thought about reading books I’ve failed to finish and maybe start losing some weight. When my vacation was still on its way, my mother told me I had to go to Cebu and she insisted I have to in order to save some money (because it seemed like we had too much living expenses with half of my family being in Cebu, and me and my mother in Leyte).

Few days before my trip, my oldest sister had called and said she’d liked it if I lived with them so that I can help my father take care of my almost three-year old nephew. I knew in my head that no matter what convincing they do, I would not agree to it. For well, this summer, I had planned further on doing some advance reading for Biochemistry. She was insisting, adding that she would give me 150 pesos per day if I stayed with them and helped with taking care of my nephew. My mother, of course, heard the conversation and convinced me further that I should, especially because I’ll be earning 150 pesos on weekdays when Rohan’s parents are away for work. All the while, in my mind I was thinking no amount of money can make say yes. I’m not like my sister, the fifth-born, who can easily be swayed by bribery. I’m more than that. I will care for my nephew even without a price. He is after all a relative, and I think she should not paying me for taking care of Rohan whom I love.

Now, I’m here in Cebu, living with them and taking care of my nephew only because of my father. He’s old and weary and I don’t think he should be looking after Rohan who is rather wild and mischievous. Now, my father learned about my sister giving me 150 pesos per day. Recently, in fact, she’s given me 1,500 pesos for my “service” for the past two weeks. My father, being the principled man that he is, told me I shouldn’t let my sister pay me. I defended myself and said I never asked for it and that I never really wanted to be here in the first place, and that it was all my mother’s plan. (I didn’t tell him about the part that I wanted to help him, rather than me wanting to care for Rohan.) My closest sister, the third-born, learned that my father was against this “bribery”. She rebutted that I should take the money anyway but not see it as a salary.

Anyway, this was supposed to be a rant about me disliking bribery. Maybe when I was still 8, my sisters could bribe me with one peso. But I’m 18 already, and my sisters can’t bribe me even with a million pesos.

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