San Juan

Apparently today is the festival of San Juan or St. John the Baptist. In the Philippines (because I don’t know about the other countries), Filipinos go crazy on this day. All day long (well rather from the time most people wake up until night breaks) people throw water at other people, in hopes of getting them wet. Some people would wait by the national highway or roads and throw water at passing vehicles. At some point, like last year, this so-called festival became violent when some bystanders from my hometown threw ice at a passing car.

When I heard it was being celebrated today on the news, I instantly remembered this very festival two years ago. Me and my friend Fatima were already headed home and were actually already seated in the passenger cab or we’d like to call “multicab”. There were only 3 passengers, me, Fatima, and some other guy who was seated across us. Me and my friend were happily talking about some random shit like we always do when suddenly some bystander along the road threw water at us. Fortunately for me, I only got a little wet on my right shirtsleeve. Unfortunately for Fatima, her face hit the jackpot. However, more unfortunately for the other dude, his back got wet. The three of us were shocked and me and my friend who are rather indifferent about festivals realized, “oh, it’s Pista ni San Juan”. The poor dude was shocked himself. I think he was embarrassed as well. Me and my friend sat there awkwardly not knowing what do say or do to help the guy. I don’t remember exactly but we started talking to the guy. In the end, he gave us his calling card because apparently he works for some famous car brand (if my memory serves me right, it was Ford Motors), and so he just told us that if we knew anyone who wants to buy a car, we could help him with his job by giving them his calling card. I guess, we made an acquaintance (?, friend?) that day. I’m wondering where that guy is now.


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