Missing You

Time to sort yourself out…

When I listened to All Time Low‘s Future Hearts album, I got to hear their song called, Missing You. The first time I heard it and listened carefully to the lyrics it brought me to tears. Every line in this song is special and I could relate to so much. The first time I listened I remembered my time here in Cebu when I kept on regressing to depression. I remember the many times I thought of committing suicide and the lesser times I attempted to. This is the first time I’m back in Cebu since that dark time of my life, and so when I got here all I could think of how I was such in a terrible place, how I’ve reached such despondence. I had at least one episode of depression this vacation, and since my family don’t seem to see there’s something going on with me, I tried to comfort myself with this song.

You’ve come this far, you’re all cleaned up, you’ve made a mess again

There’s no more trying time to sort yourself out

And I have. Even though I keep making a mess of myself again, I’ve been trying to sort myself out. I know you can’t cure depression overnight and so for now, I’m going to scream, “Fuck the world! ‘Cause it’s my life, I’m gonna take it back”.



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