I couldn’t remember the last time

It seemed so long ago

But now, they are filled with tedious lines

I’m not all fun, I know

But somehow I was choking

Although I’m not sure I did

I have spent my days warring

Comfort of my mind I hid

I never said a word

I was so sure fine with it

And my mind never stirred

Lying was a perfect fit

Siccum, humidum

Inferiora, superiora

Calidum, frigidum

Just like the Mandorla

I am the antithesis

I am your antipode

Yet, in the genesis

We knew we’re manifold

Surrounded in cacophony,

I feel the need to scream

Such a beautiful agony

I see you people beam

Pardon my petition

For this is catharsis

Paint me in omission

I am going farthest

There’s no one to talk to

But the monsters and demons

I don’t know what to do

God! Give me a few reasons

Wait, I doubt your god and mine!

So to whom I say my prayer?

Oh, ’tis a story to write another time

I digress in this I share

I have to let this out, I have let this out!

My mind is on the verge of breaking

I’m sorry I’m lost with words to go about

I wish these thoughts have ending

I’m heading for oblivion

I’m weary with the redundancy

I wish I was some idiot

Have I been like this since infancy?

But I am your friend.

I may find it a little strange,

I think I’ll always be your friend

And I won’t have you change.

I’m letting this go now

I have written it in these pages

I hope this is the final bow

Of this indefinite stages.


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