Everything Feels Dull

Everything feels dull.

When I woke up today, I was feeling… nothing. I felt how insignificant I am in this vast and unfathomable universe. I went to school with the feeling of void. I knew I had my “glaring look” to everyone else’s point of view. But in reality, I wasn’t glaring at people. I was thinking about why I was feeling this way. Add this with (Un)Lost on repeat in my head, and I got a perfect result of existential crisis. I laughed and smiled occasionally in class especially when our professor showed us some amazing pictures of some progress in science. But I felt low again. I came home and I thought I’d feel better but I didn’t. Tonight, I was planning on writing down notes and studying. But I don’t feel the need to. I tried to play some games to set my mood up high. But even that didn’t work. I quit playing almost immediately. I’m not enjoying the things that I used to enjoy. Perhaps I’m having another episode of depression. But one thing’s for sure – everything feels dull and meaningless and pointless and void. I was even about to quit writing this. Maybe I’ll try to read a book. Or maybe I should go to sleep and hope tomorrow I’d feel better.

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