Getting Back To Writing (Suicide’s Not Easy)

Author’s note: This is the first poem I wrote with pen and paper since I Dreamt A Multitude Of Stars. Apparently, I wrote it six months ago.

I’m staring at this blank paper

Where my words are lost to start anew

My words are much like a taper

These trembling fingers enough to screw

I stopped painting and sculpting words

When I lost innocence to winds and waters

Then followed suit to violent herds

Where my mind and soul have withered

These days all I do is count pain

Since happy thoughts have gone away

Now, I’m left to face my bane

Because I’m left in a world filled with children astray

These days all I do is sulk

Wondering when life will end for me

Because my thoughts and feelings are wrapped in a bulk

I’m a ticking time bomb, that’s all I’ll ever be

But I swore I’ll be better next time

And I know it holds no truth

I’ve got no reason or rhyme

To remain in this invisible youth

But I’ll have my final push

With this pen and paper I hold

I’l go around that stupid bush

Face my demons, brave and bold

(11/20/2015, 10pm)


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