Waves and troughs

Can’t get enough

Scream ’til your lungs give out

Take a different route

I want to fly, I want to fly

Shoot right up to the sky

Keep your head in the clouds

Cover yourself in earth mounds

Don’t be in a rut

Butterflies in the gut

Also bees and wasps and bears

Tell those people not to stare

Laughter is a foreign thing

But not when I’m hiding

Stay abed in this hearse

It’s not all you, don’t make a farce

The world doesn’t stop

Better let yourself drop

Everybody knows

But alone in your woes

Get a lace

Tie it around and brace

Don’t leave a note

Leave in a boat

You’ve said enough in a lifetime

Even wrote them in rhymes

“You’ll get through this”

Hit the wall with your fist

“Easy for you to say”

Still in this bed I lay

Smile a lot

Cry, do not

Only in your tomb

Say hello to your new room

Friends are foes

That’s how it goes

Foes are friends

It follows the trend

They are as one

Why I’ve never won

Lake by the sea

Only I can see

Heavenly man

Only I’m not a fan

Said Jim-dandy

This is my penalty

I sleep and tire

Set my dreams afire

Cry for help

An unheard yelp

Build a firewall

Answer no call

Emotions are far-fetched

Leave this sketch


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