I Voted

Today is the National Elections in the Philippines. I’m a first time voter and I knew I have to be involved about everything that is happening. I voted for the one and only Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago as my president. To be very honest, I am feeling a lot of different emotions. There are partial results already and I cannot accept that this great woman is last. I do not understand why my countrymen cannot see how great she is when the international community recognizes her for her brilliance. The amount of stupidity I’ve heard from people is so unbelievable. They want to vote for her but they say she won’t win. Of course, she won’t win because you refuse to vote for her even though you know she is the most qualified out of all the presidential candidates! She would win if people didn’t have such mindset. Not only that but people are wanting change but you would vote for Pacquiao who was hardly ever present in the congress and did not pass any bills? What the fuck is wrong with you, people?

I have never wanted to kill myself over election results. But this one is an exception. My heart is bleeding for this country. If hell happens in this country because you voted for Duterte and Marcos, and they won, I tell you, don’t point fingers!

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