Always Uneventful

Turning another year older but always remains uneventful. My birthday is just right around the corner (like it’s next week). I feel sort of petty that I have this recurring thoughts of loneliness and sadness that no one in my family seems to remember. Perhaps, it’s because my sister’s wedding is just in a few days so everyone’s mind is pre-occupied with that. But still, part of me, thinks that someone should have at least mentioned like, “Hey, you’re turning 20 years old next week!” Or something like that.

But no one has. I feel petty. Ugh. What’s the point, anyway? I’m like 75% set on saying goodbye to this world. Nobody fucking cares. Nobody fucking notices me. I’m not special, anyway. I probably don’t cross on anybody’s mind. If I go now, nobody won’t even notice. I’d rather just hang it up here.

All my birthdays are always uneventful. Just like me, it seems to just pass by and then it means nothing. I am nothing, after all.

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